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Mosaic Art For Kids

Michael Johansson Installation Art & Sculptures.

Self Contained, 2010.<br>Containers, caravan, tractor, Volvo, pallets, refrigerators, etc.<br>Dimensions: 8,2 x 10.8 x 2,4 m.<br>Installation view: Umedalen …

shape houses

CollectCollect this now for later<p>shortymama houses<p>Xmas<p>CollectCollect this now for later<p>leslie houses<p>fabric<p>CollectCollect this now for later<p>Swarovski …

3D Shapes song for kids | Learn about 3D shapes | Jack Hartmann

How Were the Pyramids Built?

Shapes All Around Me | Everyday Learning

<b>Geometry: Shapes All Around Us!</b><br>In this math card game, preschoolers will participate in a scavenger hunt to find shapes in their classroom. They will …

Sesame Street: What is Ernie's Favorite Shape?

Shape Hunt | Everyday Learning

<b>Geometry: Shape Hunt</b><br>Children will build an awareness of shapes in their environment as well as learning how to differentiate between basic …

The Delicate Architecture of Water Droplets. Photo Andrew Osokin (o

Meet Mojo, the monster Stanford and Harvard are using to teach your kids “growth mindset” and empathy

Mojo is a monster with a problem. He used to like school, but then math got hard, and Mojo decided he was not smart enough. School became less fun, and Mojo wanted to make a run for it.<p>But he didn’t, because Mojo was designed by ClassDojo, a Silicon Valley edtech start up, and a team of researchers …


Support Math Readiness Through Music

<b>By Eugene Geist</b><p><i>Two-year-old Felicia is playing with blocks while her grandmother sits nearby. One of Grandma’s favorite songs comes on the radio.</i> …

Electric Guitar

5 Ways to Build Math into Your Child's Day

<b>By Laura Bilodeau Overdeck

</b> L<i>aura Bilodeau Overdeck and her husband have been doing nightly math problems with their kids for years. Laura developed</i> …


No math gene: Learning mathematics takes practice

New research shows that if you want to be good at math, you have to practice all different kinds of mathematics.

Deepening Discussion of STEM for Early Learners, Part 2

It was a question I should have seen coming: A few days before our forum at New America on early childhood and STEM (science, technology, …

How Adding Math to a Child’s Home Routine Can Advance Achievement

Parents who are uneasy about their own math skills often worry about how best to teach the subject to their kids.Well … there’s an app for that. Tons …


Books that Stretch Children's Thinking

Young children learn to think in new ways when they imagine, guess, describe, and wonder. Try these books to engage your child’s curiosity and to …


Transitioning to Kindergarten

<b>Send a note to the nurse and to the teacher</b> <b>if your child has allergies or special needs.</b> Do this even if you have indicated this on other forms …

Understanding and Responding to Children Who Bite

Biting is a typical behavior often seen in infants, toddlers, and 2-year olds. As children mature, gain self-control, and develop problem-solving …


Five Essentials to Meaningful Play

By Marcia L. Nell and Walter F. Drew<p>“<i>One of my clearest childhood memories is slithering through the tall grass like a snake with my brother and</i> …

Co-Teaching for Rookies: Building Trust and Looking at the Big Picture

Special educators wrote to <i>Education Week</i> with their advice on what it takes to make a co-teaching partnership successful.


Here Is How to Use iPad As A Document Camera in Class

July 15, 2015<br>An interesting way to use iPad with students in class is through turning it into a document camera. The concept is very simple, you use …

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