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NASA — What Have We Learned About Pluto?

The Race To Prove 'Spooky' Quantum Connection May Have a Winner

Entanglement breakthrough could lead to unhackable Internet<p>Particles don’t obey the same rules as people. Poke a particle, and another one far away can instantly respond the touch -- without any messages passing through the space between, as if the two particles were one. “Entanglement” is what …

Quantum Physics

Meteor Showers, Orange Rivers, and Other Amazing Images of the Week

Pants 'for superheroes': Underwear that protects sperm count by blocking smartphone radiation

Described as 'underpants for superheroes', underwear created by British inventor shields against 99.9 per cent of electromagnetic radiation<p>Smart underwear designed to protect male fertility from radiation emitted by smartphones and laptops has been unveiled by a British scientist.<p>Described by Sir …


Activity of entire central nervous system captured on film for first time

Footage recorded using light-sheet microscopy could help scientists understand how the brain and nerve cord interact to generate behaviour<p>The neural activity of an entire central nervous system has been captured in a fairly complex animal for the first time.<p>The video footage shows neurons firing in …


Should Bioethicists “Get Out Of The Way” Of CRISPR Research?

Steven Pinker claims that will speed up progress<p>The newly popular enzyme CRISPR-Cas9 has lots of impressive possible applications. Inevitably, it will be used to edit human DNA to fight disease. When a team of Chinese researchers tried this on human embryos for the first time last year, scientists …

Making contact with alien worlds could make us care more about our own

The Breakthrough Message competition aims to build a digital portrait of life on Earth. Making it could increase respect for the preciousness of life<p>The scientific search for extraterrestrial civilisations has languished for more than a decade, as the hunt for habitable planets and simpler forms of …


Some first results from the new, higher-energy Large Hadron Collider

On 3 June this year, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN began delivering particle collisions at an energy 63% higher than previously achieved. This week in Vienna, first physics results were presented. Here are some highlights<p>The European Physical Society High Energy Physics conference is taking …


Earth 2.0: Nasa says scientists have found 'closest twin' outside solar system

Using four years’ worth of data from the Kepler space telescope, researchers announce the new exoplanet along with 12 possible ‘habitable’ others<p>Scientists on the hunt for extraterrestrial life have discovered “the closest twin to Earth” outside the solar system, Nasa announced on Thursday.<p>Working …