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New Theory of the Higgs Boson Could Explain Why Gravity Is So Weak

A new theory suggests that missing extra copies of the Higgs boson might explain why gravity is so much weaker than it should be.<p>Something is seriously wrong with gravity, and nobody's quite sure why.<p>The problem is that gravity is too weak. Out of the four fundamental physical forces in the …

How does Mars rover Curiosity's new AI system work?

NASA upgraded Curiosity with computer vision, letting it choose interesting rocks on its own.


The Phoenix Mission on Mars | Exploring the Planets | National Air and Space Museum

To better understand water near the surface, NASA's Phoenix spacecraft landed in 2008. The lander had a robotic arm to dig below the surface and a …

National Air and Space Museum

Armageddon asteroid ‘on course to pulverise Earth’

NASA will soon launch a probe to study an asteroid that crosses Earth’s orbit every six years and could pulverise the planet.


8 of the world's coolest telescopes that are changing the way that we look at the universe

We went from believing that Earth was the center of a star speckled universe, to being able to observe a seemingly endless number of galaxies full of trillions of stars and planets that stretch back in time billions of years.<p>And as astronomy evolves, so do the instruments we use to peer deeper and …


The 2 exercises that will keep you fit for life

If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should make sure you're getting enough exercise.<p>It will keep your brain healthy and can add years to your life. Researchers have found that many fit older adults have the muscles and bones of people years — even decades— younger.<p>And any exercise is …


The 12 Words All Successful People Understand

If you want to be successful, there are some words you’ll need to know.<p>Words are powerful. They can tell a story. Think of the following words: boom, penny, jump, doctor, slip, October, Shakespeare, and corn. All of these words paint a picture in your mind. Words matter ― especially if they have …


The momentous advance in artificial intelligence demands a new set of ethics

In a dramatic man versus machine encounter, AlphaGo has secured its third, decisive victory against a renowned Go player. With scientists amazed at how fast AI is developing, it’s vital that humans stay in control<p>Let us all raise a glass to AlphaGo and mark another big moment in the advance of …

Artificial Intelligence

Mars Curiosity Rover Can Now Autonomously Decide What to Laser

Pew pew!<p>Look out Mars, Curiosity now has the authority to laser at will.<p>After nearly four years of sciencing the Red Planet, NASA has announced it will now let the Curiosity rover choose which targets to zap with its laser spectrometer—sans human approval.<p>As part of its science arsenal, the rover …

Mars Rover

This 7-minute workout is all you need to get in shape

This 7-minute workout is ideal if you have little time to exercise or don't have access to a gym.According a study published in the American College …


Are We Alone In The Universe?

<i>Despite being extremely unlikely, is there a possibility that Earth is the only planet in the universe with life? originally appeared on Quora:</i> <i>the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights</i>.<p><b>Answer by Viktor Toth, IT pro, part-time physicist, on</b> …


How clouds around Venus are revealing secrets of the planet's surface

Our sister planet Venus might be completely covered in a dense layer of cloud, but that hasn’t stopped astronomers observing what the steamy hot …


Einstein's equations predicted the most mysterious point in the universe, but they can't explain it

Priyamvada Natarajan is an astrophysicist at Yale University who specialises in studying the invisible universe — black holes and dark matter. We …

Dark Matter

NASA discovers four planets that could sustain alien life

NASA has discovered four planets that might just have the right conditions to support life.<p>The space agency’s Kepler telescope has just found a …

This Mind-Bending 3D Map Of The Universe Includes The Dark Matter We Can’t See

Today’s explorers are charting 1.2 million galaxies and the acoustic waves formed at the beginning of time.<p>Scientists have put together a map of the universe, a 3D behemoth representing 650 billion cubic light years, home to 1.2 million galaxies. But of course, being scientists, they didn’t send …