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Mr. George’s Story<p>Dr. Steven’s Story<p>Recently, Bond Investigations was engaged by a family to investigate a sexual assault that they believed was a …


Expanding Medicaid Trims Hospitals' Costs Of Caring For Uninsured

When patients show up in the hospital without health insurance, they often receive charity care — the hospital treats the person and then swallows some or all of the costs.<p>It's central to the mission of many nonprofit hospitals, particularly those serving low-income areas.<p>"That's why we're here, …

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Privacy Laws.

Greetings reader,<p>The following is related to Privacy Laws which is called or best known now as “big data,” according to a few reserachers in this …

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Federal Panel Revisits Contested Recommendation On Mammograms

In 2009, I was among the scrum of reporters covering the controversial advice from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that women in their 40s think twice about regular mammograms. The task force pointed out that the net benefits in younger women were small and said women should weigh the pros …

Medical Health Plans III

MA Plan Types<br>Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS)<p>Members in the PFFS program may received coverage from any provider in the U.S. willing to provide …

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Medicare Health Plans II

Continue…<p>MA Plan Types<p>Coordinated Care Plans<p>HMO members need to use only the local service provided in a booklet for most covered services. Emergency …

Medicare Health Plans

We will be talking about what Medicare Health Plan entails, who is eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan; features of different Medicare health …

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