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2016 USATF Half Marathon Championship: Recap City

Many of the athletes who traveled to Columbus for the 2016 USATF Half Marathon Championships came to run their first big race after the Olympic …


Reader’s Roundtable: What’s Your Half Marathon Race Strategy?

Congratulations to Tara Welling and Christo Landry, the 2016 USA Half Marathon Champions! Not only was the Half Marathon Championship race thrilling …


Running: It’s Not Easy

I was in the locker room the other day talking with one of my friends about our weekend running plans. A co-worker overheard us and chimed in, “Wow, …


USA Half Marathon Championship Race – Photo Gallery


On the Suckiness of Post-Marathon Slumps Even When You Expect Them

While many of the other women who competed along side me last February at the Olympic Marathon Trials raced their first big races after L.A. this …


Nick Symmonds Is Annoying, But Has a Point: Let’s Bet on Running

Many of you may know all about 800 meter specialist, Olympian, and world championship silver medalist Nick Symmonds. Or maybe you know him as the …

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The Long and the Short of the Hanson’s Marathon Method

A few weeks ago during a conversation with a fellow running pal we got on the topic of marathon training. We talked about our plans, and I shared …

I F*ing Hate Yoga.

That’s it. I can’t take it any more. Yes, social media, I am a runner. No, social media, I do not love yoga. I do not like shirts with twisty straps. …


Marathon Taper Guilt

Me: “After Boston, I’m going to get in shape.”<p>My husband: “You do know how ridiculous that statement is, right?”<p>Me: “Yes. But I mean it.”<p>My husband: …


What Running Has Taught Me About My Body That I Want My Daughter to Know

As I watch my daughter bloom from a toddler into a spirited, willful little girl my heart yearns for her to maintain the absolute lack of body …

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