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Covenant House: Sakina's Story

Teens & Runaways

Conclusion: When humans grow up difficulties coming up As a human being we have the opportunity to take decisions to define our futures, but what happens when the environment affects teenager negatively, in some cases the situation of parents who when they were youngest, they did not have a plan, for that they Made to unbalance family and now they raise a child with a lot of problems, and they want to throwaway a child without a plan to survive, but in another cases children in a difficult situation in home decides to runaway of problems, because in home nobody can help their so they search for help in streets , both are lost, We need to control that situation because in the future those children become in adults who will be an issue for society if we do not help and give education those teenager

Adolescence The adolescence is an age full of changes, physical and psychological,  that sometimes define how we will be in our adult life In this age our common sense frequently dissapear, in consequence we take wrongs decitions, we want to experiment and discover the world, even if we have to hurt ourselves for do it. And is here when our enemies appears, the one's who didn't want to see us figthing with the consequences of our acts, our parents This is why some teenagers runaway, and why some parents throwaway their childrens, if we didn't talk about violence reasons, because the teenagers want to live under their own rules doing wathever they want with any concience of hurt themselves or the people that are around them. They want to be free. Even if they are wrong.

What is worst? Runaways or Throwaways? Runaways is consider a solution for childrens to escape of their problems in the other hand throwaways is the best way for the parents to avoid youngest issues. In both situation you are vulnerable to been in the streets bagging for money or looking the way to be safe. Runaways leave their home because they want but throwaways are forced to leave home that´s why for the society throwaways are consider worst than runaways because they don´t have a plan like safe place to live, food, etc.

Runaway Teens PSA

Runaways & trowaways, are they different? this global issue is increasing in the last age , and even they have some differences they have more similarities tan we think: Violence, drugs, family DCproblems, sexual abuse are the principal reasons why this happens In both situation the teenegers end in the street, sometimes asking for money or waiting for someone to help them, and in the worsth cases in drugs or suicide