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APT Attack In the Middle East: The Big Bang

Over the last few weeks, the Check Point Threat Intelligence Team discovered the comeback of an APT surveillance attack against institutions across …

Middle East

That Weekend-Long DDoS Attack On Blizzard Is Over

Blizzard Entertainment customer service announced early this morning that the denial-of-service attacks that had been plaguing its games since the weekend were finally over.<p>The attacks have been running off and on since Sunday, causing severe lag for some players and preventing others from logging …


A Typeface Designed To Thwart NSA Surveillance

Worried about spying eyes? Here’s a typeface created with the government’s prying computers in mind.<p>Long before Edward Snowden leaked the Prism documents, Sang Mun served two years of mandatory service for the Korean military, gathering intelligence under the NSA. He didn’t choose to publish any …


AT&T to Acquire AlienVault

Acquisition to Expand Threat Detection and Response to AT&T Business Customers<p><b>DALLAS, July 10, 2018</b> — AT&T* today announced its plans to acquire …

Intellectual Property

Stolen certificates from D-Link used to sign password-stealing malware

This isn't the IP camera software you think it is.<p>Criminals recently stole code-signing certificates from router and camera maker D-Link and another …

IT security

Polar’s fitness app made it easy to track soldiers and spies worldwide

Over the weekend, media outlets De Correspondent and Bellingcat reported that they were able to uncover the names of more than 6,400 military and intelligence agency personnel in many countries – simply by looking up their fitness activities in Polar’s insecure app.<p>To be clear, the reporters didn’t …

Fitness Technology

HNS Botnet Recent Activities

Author: Rootkiter, yegenshen<p>HNS is an IoT botnet (Hide and Seek) originally discovered by BitDefender in January this year. In that report, the …


This new dual-platform malware targets both Windows and Linux systems

The "security by minority" stance should come crashing down as cross-compiling makes multiplatform malware development easier.<p>One of the oft-repeated …


Experts Welcome London Cybercrime Court Plans

Experts Welcome London Cybercrime Court PlansSecurity experts have welcomed confirmation of the government’s plans to build a new “world-leading” …, the multimillion-dollar cryptography domain whose owner refused to sell, has been sold

The valuable domain name, whose owner Matt Blaze has steadfastly refused to sell to cryptocurrency companies, is now owned by a cryptocurrency company. <i>TechCrunch</i> reported today that Monaco purchased the domain for an undisclosed amount. Monaco is known for its cryptocurrency token MCO …


You can win an Alexa-enabled 2019 Lexus ES on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is the best time to get good deals from the online retailer, but this one stands out from the rest. Prime customers will have the …


Business Needs Defense-Grade Cyber Capabilities

Presented By:<p><i>In this series of articles running through July, RealClearPolitics and RealClearDefense take an in-depth look at the intersection of</i> …


Why Attackers Keep Winning at 'Patch or Perish'

Fresh Flaws Exploited Faster Than They're Patched, Says Tenable's Gavin Millard Mathew J. Schwartz (euroinfosec) • July 5, 2018<p>One of the biggest …

Information Security

Don't Speak Fluent Legalese? Meet Claudette, an AI 'Automated Evaluator of Privacy Policies'

There’s an international push towards stronger online privacy laws, from Europe to California, but there’s also a big barrier when it comes to …

Artificial Intelligence

The dirty secret about Bitcoin: It's amplifying ransomware, cybercrime, and more

As Bitcoin grows in popularity, potential buyers need to be aware of risks that go along with it.<p>Cryptocurrency is on the rise and creating a lot of …


Ex-NSO Employee Caught Selling Stolen Phone Hacking Tool For $50 Million

A former employee of one of the world's most powerful hacking companies NSO Group has been arrested and charged with stealing phone hacking tools …


The Pirate Bay is cryptomining for Monero with your CPU again

The Pirate Bay is in hot water again after being discovered running a cryptocurrency miner on its website.Make sure you always read the <small> print.

IT security

Is Cyber the Perfect Weapon?

CAMBRIDGE – For years, political leaders such as former US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta have warned of the danger of a “cyber Pearl Harbor.” We …

Pearl Harbor

The $12,000 Intersection between Clickjacking and XSS

One of the more challenging tasks in web app pentesting is approaching an application that has limited interaction. It’s very easy to give up after …


German police raid homes of Tor-linked group's board members

One board member described the police's justification for the raids as a "tenuous" link between the privacy group, a blog, and its email address.<p>In …


A Traditional Stock Exchange Is Also Going to Trade Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

The Swiss stock exchange is going to open a cryptocurrency exchange, which it claims will be the first of its kind in the world.<p>The plan, unveiled …


Sn1per v5.0 - Automated Pentest Recon Scanner

Sn1per Community Edition is an automated scanner that can be used during a penetration test to enumerate and scan for vulnerabilities. Sn1per …

Information Security

New Malware Strain Targets Cryptocurrency Fans Who Use Macs

OSX.Dummy depends on substantial help from an unwary victim.

Information Security

The future of Ethereum looks bright

In what amounted to one of the most far-reaching and interesting conversations at TC Sessions in Zug, Ethereum masterminds Vitalik Buterin, Justin Drake, and Karl Floersch spoke openly – and often candidly – about a bright future for Ethereum scaling and, more interestingly, their way to build …


Superyacht cybercrime: the next big thing?

<b>(CNN) —</b> He was in St. Tropez to install an internet router onto a superyacht owned by a wealthy European businessman when a thought occurred to him.<p>"How vulnerable is this device to a hack?" wondered the German IT specialist, Stephan Gerling, before running a number of tests that uncovered the …


MintBox Mini 2 PC: Where Elegance Meets Power and Performance

Looking for a small Compact PC for your compact study room? Love to work in silence with speed and reliability? Mintbox Mini 2 -based on Linux Mint …


Sex-tech startup MysteryVibe introduces wearable vibrator for men

Stephanie Alys knew from the start that she wanted MysteryVibe, the sex-tech company she co-founded, to be a consumer electronics company rather than …

Wearable Tech

Chinese hackers breach ANU, putting national security at risk

Among the potentially sensitive defence research conducted by the ANU is a project being run with the Defence Materials Technology Centre to enhance …


Ethereum's Growing Gas Crisis (And What's Being Done to Stop It)

Ethereum is in the midst of a "gas crisis."<p>At least, that's according to Taylor Monahan, CEO of MyCrypto, who took to Twitter this week to remind …


AI algorithm teaches a car to drive from scratch in 20 minutes

Wayve's Amar Shah and Alex Kendall believe there's been too much hand-engineering going on as people try to solve the self-driving car problem.<p>"The …

Online Life