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Watch this all-electric "flying car" take its first test flight in Germany

Lilium Jet claims its can reduce travel headaches with a network of vertical take-off and landing aircraft<p>Flying cars, that perennial dream for futurists that always seem to be at least five years away, may be a little closer to reality than we realize. A lot of prototypes have been showcased …


How the Nintendo Switch won back this Game Boy fan

For three decades, I've had an on again/off again interest in Nintendo. The Switch is the first console in years I'm truly excited about.<p>I pick up the Nintendo Switch, and within moments I'm Link running through the grassy hills of Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's been 10 years …

Auto Racing


##streetart in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, by artists Arty & Chikle. Photo by ...

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'Explosion' of wet wipes found near rivers

Conservationists have warned of an "explosion" in the number of non-biodegradable wet wipes which end up on river banks or make their way into our …

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Snapchat pulled off the only good April Fools’ Day prank this year

There had to be one!<p>April Fools’ Day is the most wonderful time of the year — if you’re so bored by your job in marketing that pre-briefing journalists on fictional new products is “fun.” For the rest of us, April 1 is “useless internet day,” and most April Fools’ pranks are just dumb PR stunts.<p>So …

April Fools' Day

You can control this swarm of tiny robots with your gestures