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The Strangest Places on Earth (Are Also the Most Sublime)

Technicolor mountains, otherworldly forests, and glow-in-the-dark beaches: These unusual places around the world prove that weird can also be wonderful.

The 2,400-year search for the atom - Theresa Doud

Globular Cluster Messier 54 Spied By Very Large Telescope | Video

Rosetta Spacecraft Snaps Amazing Selfie with Comet Pal (Photo)

It's official: A European spacecraft has snapped a robotic selfie with a comet in deep space.<p>The Philae lander riding with European Space Agency's …

Rolling Hills of Mars As Seen in 'Earthlight' | Video


If you don’t have video in your content mix, you’re missing out. It’s simpler to make than ever, ...<p>November 1, 2017<p>Want to know how to make …

Artist Takes Photos of Clouds and Draws What He Sees on Top of Them

In an ongoing series entitled <i>Shaping Clouds</i>, Argentinian artist Martín Feijoó takes photos of clouds and then draws what he sees on top of them. On …

1833 Meteor Storm Started Citizen Science

Human Journey<p><b>The science of shooting stars owes much to a storied episode of crowdsourcing, a new historical report shows, kicked off by a stunning 1833 meteor shower.</b><p>Astronomers have increasingly turned to “citizen science” in the Internet era, setting up everyday folks to look for everything from …


Alienware Turns The Gaming PC On Its Head With New Area-51 Design

The rock group Queen had a popular song back in the day, that Alienware’s latest gaming PC somehow manages to harken back, ringing in my schoolboy head – <i>Fat Bottom Girls</i>, you make the rockin world go-round. Teenaged bravado aside, I do realize I’m dating myself but then again, I’m genuinely …