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Palette Gear gives you modular controllers to edit video and photos easier

If you’ve ever edited video or photos, you know the clicking is endless and never very precise. You always end up getting the cursor “close” to where you want it, and rarely exactly. All because you’re limited by the movement of a mouse cursor that has to be tracked on the desk where your mouse …

'Blade Runner 2049' Is A Box Office Bomb: 10 Reasons It Was Doomed

I know it may be in poor taste to declare a big and ambitious film to be effectively DOA after three days of domestic release, but as last night’s <i>Saturday Night Live</i> musical guest once sang, the writing’s on the wall. <i>Blade Runner 2049</i> opened with just $31.525 million this weekend, including $5m in …

Justice League trailer finally gives fans the one thing they’ve been waiting to see

This is being handled remarkably well<p>The newest <i>Justice League</i> trailer has finally provided the one thing we’ve been asking to see for more than a year.<p>[<b>Warning:</b> The following may contain spoilers for <i>Justice League</i>.]<p>While we still haven’t seen Superman strutting through the depths of hell alongside …

Riot dev leaves the company following angry outburst about toxic streamer

Former League of Legends developer Aaron "Riot Sanjuro" Rutledge has parted company with Riot Games in the wake of an unfortunate outburst on the …

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AMC is bringing immersive VR to theaters starting next year

Steven Spielberg, Hans Zimmer, and director Gore Verbinski get into the game<p>The notion that virtual reality is going to be the next great storytelling medium has run into some bumps along the way. There’s still no real sense of what a great VR experience should actually be, and even less of an idea …

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