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Donald Trump Praises Saddam Hussein’s Approach to Terrorism — Again

Donald Trump

Watch a US-led precision airstrike obliterate one of ISIS's most dangerous weapons

The US military has released a video that shows the US-led anti-ISIS coalition obliterating an ISIS car bomb in Manbij, Syria.<p>The airstrike was conducted on February 29 and was part of a larger operation by the anti-ISIS coalition on that day. Altogether, on that day, the anti-ISIS coalition …


Talk of 'beheading' strike option heightens Koreas tension

TOKYO (AP) — Massive joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises are a spring ritual on the Korean Peninsula guaranteed to draw a lot of threat-laced venom from Pyongyang. This time, not only are the war games the biggest ever, but the troops now massed south of the Demilitarized Zone have reportedly …

North Korea

Russia just broke into a business that American billionaires currently dominate

Space tourism is a growing business opportunity made possible by the advent of reusable rocket technology, which has only begun to take off in the last year.<p>In the lead are the privately owned American space companies Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, but Russia's private space company KosmoKurs …

Space Travel

Russia's Communist Party is making a comeback — and it's bad news for Putin

In late January, speaking in the Russian city of Stavropol, Vladimir Putin denounced Soviet Communist leader Vladimir Lenin for, as Putin put it, placing an "atomic bomb" under the foundations of the Soviet Union by nationality policies that allowed non-Russians the right to secede.<p>Putin’s comments …


United States talking to Turnbull government about stepping up presence of super war planes in Australia

The United States is talking to the Turnbull government about stepping up the presence of US long-range strike bombers in Australia in a further …

The 25 Best Free Android Apps

From bleeding-edge productivity to fun with friends, presenting 25 great, no-cost additions to your home screen.<p>It’s time to load that Android-powered slab of glass and circuitry up with a heaping helping of download-worthy apps.<p>Of course, it’s downright impossible to individually tickle everyone’s …