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Saturn's Death Star Moon Is Hiding Something

An ocean under the surface, perhaps?<p><b>After stringing together photos taken by</b> NASA's 17-year-old Cassini probe, a team of astrophysicists came across a strange and unexpected discovery: something deep inside Saturn's moon Mimas is inexplicably causing the moon to wobble. That means there's a mystery …

Social Anxiety: why the mundane can be terrifying

Many people experience severe anxiety in mundane social situations, such as group introductions or paying bills. Why does this happen? And is there any useful purpose to it?<p>One of the weirder traits humans have is the ability to be deeply unnerved by situations or contexts that many others would …

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U.S. spy agency predicts a very transhuman future by 2030

No Black Holes Exist, Says Stephen Hawking—At Least Not Like We Think

Black holes do not have "event horizons" beyond which there is no return, according to renowned physicist.<p>Black holes do not exist—at least, not as we know them, says renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, potentially provoking a rethink of one of space's most mysterious objects.<p>A new study from …