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Bungie surprises brain surgery patient with an unreleased Destiny weapon

A <i>Destiny</i> player received an exotic, yet-to-be-released weapon from Bungie after the developer learned of his recent hospital visits for multiple brain surgeries, a publisher representative confirmed to Polygon.<p>On Nov. 5, Brittany Levasseur posted in Reddit's <i>Destiny</i> forums about her husband, Eric, …

Top 20 Landscape Photos on 500px So Far This Year

At the end of every year, we do a “Best of *inset year here*” series, where we count down the top 10 most popular photos in every single category. …

EverBlock Life-Size Building Blocks

Possibilities for building with the LEGO-like EverBlock line of life-size, completely modular and snap-together tiles stretch as high as you can …

The World's Largest Swimming Pool

Guinness-certified as the World's Largest Swimming Pool, this 3,280-foot-long salt water stunner does not reside in Texas or Vegas. Its rippling …

Magbelt - Perfect Fit Magnetic Belt

Let it hang, tuck it in, buy a bigger one after the all-you-can-eat pig parts cook-off, or just get the MagBelt. Magzook Tightening Systems has …

Newcon Optik Sniper Detection System

I read that in honor of Prime Day Amazon is going to be discounting a pair of very highly rated binoculars to less than $120. Oh boy, I sure hope …

ShelfPack Suitcase

ShelfPack may not be quite big enough to hold your kitchen sink, but it can hold an entire set of shelves. Talk about expandable luggage. Take stacks …

Controversial T. Rex Soft Tissue Find Finally Explained

The controversial discovery of 68-million-year-old soft tissue from the bones of a <i>Tyrannosaurus rex</i> finally has a physical explanation. According to …

Glitch Playing Cards

Glitch: "An electrical pulse of short duration that is usually the result of a fault or design error, particularly in a digital circuit." That's a …

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How do you set four world records in Track & Field? Use a vibrator.

When I was a kid, our big hack for winning at Konami's <i>Track & Field</i> was to lay a butter knife across the two buttons and slap the middle of the knife. If only I'd thought to bring Mom's, uh, personal massager to the arcade.<p>This video is by RocketNews24 of Japan and it is <i>outstanding</i>. Someone on …

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There's a beach way down in the Maldives that looks like something out of a science-fiction fairytale. http://t.co/aona2bwVy6

Faith in humanity restored. http://t.co/JjNLEtWDrP

RT if it moves for you! http://t.co/UloBuis8Hl

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An extreme hot tub in Iceland. http://t.co/7LiYtgtc8T

He told his dad his disability disappeared when they ran. http://t.co/1yEcKBgEAc

Beluga Whales migration, Nunavut Inlet, Canada! http://t.co/4uR1WBCMQu

LEGO animation of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens teaser trailer

YouTuber Snooperking created this glorious stop-motion animation remake of the <i>Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens</i> teaser trailer, which was …

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We need people like him. http://t.co/V18IbllhQQ

Recycled Fire Hose Wallets & Cases

As a firefighter who regularly depends on the material's ruggedness and durability, Jake Starr has always known that canvas fire hose can stand up to …

A great initiative: http://t.co/1fUoGDkEmp

NASA worker claims to have seen humans walking on Mars in 1979

A woman who claims to be a former NASA employee claims to have seen evidence of the most monumental cover-up in space history in 1979 – as she saw …