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4 Things to Know Before Building a Two-Sided Marketplace

If you are looking to build a two-sided online marketplace (and who isn’t?), you’ll already have ideas about how unmet wants and untapped …

Project Management

Why Hire a Web Development Company VS. a Freelancer?

Making the choice between the certainties of a web development company and the flexibility of freelancers isn’t easy. Making the right decisions in …

Project Management

8 Reasons To Create Websites with Python

If you think it doesn’t matter whether your web development agency creates websites with Python or some other programming language, you could be …

Python Programming

7 Tasks Ready for Automation in your Business

Automation is a hot topic, but a lot of the talk going around is about robotics and 20-year timeframes, when it should be about how to automate IT …

Paperless Office

5 Trends for the Future of Web Development

Trend prediction is always difficult: seeing into the future of web development is no different. If you go back through digital trend forecasts of …

Wolfram Alpha

Demystified: The Practical Side of Machine Learning for Business

You’re smart. You’re informed. You’re probably wondering why the people in the smart rooms whisper among themselves about machine learning. It is the …

Machine Learning

Quick Guide to eCommerce Website Development

<i>Only 17% of the small business market have tried creating their own online ecommerce store.</i> Source<p>eCommerce website – Is it time you tried it?<p>It’s a …


11 Critical Questions to Ask a Web Application Development Company

Scenario: Your business has a large website project to begin. It doesn't fit the constraints of the common CMS platforms, such as Wordpress, Joomla …

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