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Ecodan NL.wmv

Techneco Elga hybride warmtepomp

#Warmtepomp #Gent Hybridetherm #Merelbeke #Destelbergen #Antwerpen #Verwarming #Lochristi

#Condensatieketel + #Warmtepomp #Gent #Rotex #Merelbeke #Destelbergen #Verwarming

Lumen warmtepomp toepassing bij woning

#Warmtepomp #Gent #Destelbergen #Merelbeke #Latem #General #Waterstage

The Sunshine Company

Door de bewoner is een mooie duurzame natuurlijke omkasting gemaakt. De @StiebelEltronNL Lucht-water #warmtepomp. Natuurlijk warmte.

Op zoek naar een goede warmtepomp voor de beste prijs? Kies dan voor de #Warmtepomp Hot Splash 2,5 Kw. Meer info?

#ErP #Condensatieketel #Warmtepomp #Gent #Hybridetherm Buderus

#Warmtepomp #Gent Hybridetherm #Merelbeke #Latem #Destelbergen #Antwerpen #General #Fujitsu

The Galaxy Note 8 may keep that pesky fingerprint sensor on the back

Samsung moved the Galaxy S8's fingerprint sensor to the back of the phone. Now one report claims that the Note 8 will do the same.<p>One of our biggest complaints about the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is the awkward, uncentered placement of the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone next to the camera …

How to get started with an Apple smart home

Designing your own smart-home setup may sound daunting, but it's much easier than you think. A "smart home" can have one connected device or several; it's entirely up to you. And fortunately, you've already figured out the toughest part -- which voice control platform to use as the main point of …

Smart Homes

∞ Listening to HomePod

While at WWDC this week I had a chance to listen to Apple’s new HomePod and compare it to some of the competing products on the market. The results …

Siri still lagging behind IA rivals despite HomePod & iOS 11 upgrades, say ex-employees & developers

Siri is still lagging behind rival intelligent assistants, say former Apple employees who worked on the project, despite the latest enhancements announced at WWDC. Software developers attending the conference have also reportedly expressed disappointment at the limited nature of the access by …

Apple's HomePod is coming. Here's what you need to know about smart speakers

Apple is getting into the smart speaker market with the HomePod, the company's first entirely new product in three years. It's a relatively young hardware category made popular by the Amazon Echo.<p>Now, more tech companies are rushing out their own versions of the device. You've probably heard about …

Tech Trends

HomePod, Echo, Google Home: How secure are your speakers?

Here’s what Apple, Amazon and Google offer in terms of privacy with their smart speakers.<p>Smart speakers are pretty good listeners, too. Which makes you wonder if your conversations are staying at home.<p>Apple raised the question when it talked up the security and privacy aspects of its newly unveiled …

Apple will now let hobbyists build their own HomeKit devices

Though Apple didn't have much to say about HomeKit during its keynote presentation on Monday, it turns out the company's smart home system is seeing some very notable changes this year. The updates center on two things: making HomeKit more flexible for users, and making it much easier for …

De Energie Transitie

Warmtepomp-Navigator van STIEBEL ELTRON

• Duurzame verwarmingsoplossingen voor nieuwbouw en renovatie<br>• Passende productvoorstellen, geselecteerd uit meer dan 30.000 systeemvarianten<br>• Extra …

Breathe new life into your ‘obsolete’ smartphone, use it as a smart home gadget

<i>Update: Added Cloud Baby Monitor and Presence.</i><p>Just because your old smartphone is a couple of generations old doesn’t mean it can’t be put to good …

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