Tony Battocchio (Rocket)

54 Flips | 3 Magazines | @RocketFi | I'm a neapolitan traceur and i've been training parkour for almost 6 years now.

Welcome - Rocket

Vision - Rocket

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.1] - How to land with and without safety roll

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.2] - The safety roll

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.3] - The lazy vault

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.4] - The simple vault

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.5] - The monkey vault

Felines' Tutorial [EP.6] - The kong vault

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.7] - The reverse vault or 360° vault

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.8] -The speed vault

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.9] - The dash vault

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.10] - Wall push-up and wall climb-up

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.11] - The Tic-Tac

Felines' Tutorial [Ep.12] - The Reverse-Kong

Just enjoy - Rocket

No Limits - Rocket

A light in the darkness.

A day with Zephyr - Rocket

Felines Inside - Short training in Motion Park (Rocket and Crash)

Felines Inside - WFPF affiliate intro 2k15

Felines Inside - Fast training in Monterusciello

Intro Felines Inside

Happy Birthday Mashup - Felines Inside

August's Felines

More! More! MORE! - Felines Inside

Felines Inside - Intervista Quarto Live

Felines Inside - Trip to Pozzuoli

We were there - Felines Inside

Soul's expression | Felines Inside

Galizian Urban Project - GUP - You are your own war. Parkour. | Galizian Urban Project