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Ten of Horror Cinema’s Greatest Actor-Director Duos

It’s no secret that directors often find comfort in working with certain performers. Directors trust these particular actors, so they tend to cast …

Horror Movies

The Politics and Hyper-Relevancy of Stephen King’s THE MIST

THE MIST presents an “end of the world” scenario and, without attributing it to anything specific or plausible, the potential for analogies is …

Guantanamo Bay

Moving Forward

Life has kept me very busy lately without much personal time. I have had a few business trips to start my year. I had a trip to London in January and …



H.P. Lovecraft: Separating the Man from the Monster

The genre of horror has always had a lot of subversive appeal. Much like punk rock and other artistic subcultures, it dwells comfortably outside of …

H.P. Lovecraft

'Castlevania: Symphony of the Night' Turns 20! - Bloody Disgusting

I’ve always been enamoured with the <i>Castlevania</i> franchise. For a variety of reasons (mostly involving my love of horror and video games), it’s tough …

Horror Movies

5 Terrifying Japanese Legends that will Give You Nightmares!

I find Japanese folklore and legends to be some of the most fascinating…and frightening. Here are five of the most terrifying Japanese legends. Teke …

Monty Python

Doom3 Source Code Review: Introduction

Fabien Sanglard's Website<p>June 8, 2012<p>Doom3 Source Code Review: Introduction (Part 1 of 6) >><p>On November 23, 2011 id Software maintained the tradition …


The Icon of Sin

Robert Englund Talks 'Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash'; He Wanted Ash to Win! - Bloody Disgusting

Ever since Freddy’s glove showed up in <i>Evil Dead 2</i>, horror fans have been clamoring to see the two iconic horror franchises clash on the big screen; …

Horror Movies

The 5 Most Insane 'Freddy vs. Jason' Ideas That Never Came To Be - Bloody Disgusting

Exactly ten years prior to <i>Freddy vs. Jason</i> making its way into theaters, Freddy Krueger made a surprise appearance at the tail of end of <i>Jason Goes to</i> …

Horror Movies

A Look Back At Marvel’s Marvelous Monsters!

Marvel Comics is a bit of a juggernaut these days. In fact, they have been for a few years. With the backing of Disney and a solid and formidable …