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Trump's sustained attacks on American rights

<b>(CNN) —</b> Two years ago Sunday, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump derided US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, hearing a lawsuit against Trump University, for his "Mexican" heritage and complained of being "railroaded" by the legal system.<p>It was shocking, Democrats and Republicans alike …

Donald Trump

The Best Jared Kushner Burns from His Harvard Classmates

Photo via AP/Susan WalshJared Kushner has been brutally, savagely burned by his former Harvard classmates, and it’s really something.The ruthless …

Jared Kushner

America Last: Trump’s Attack on the Amazon Job Machine

President Trump has declared war on Amazon, the nation’s second most valuable company. Amazon is creating more jobs than all but a handful of entire states. And nearly every major city in the country is vying to land the second headquarters of this global retailer and the 50,000 high-paying …

Donald Trump

Mourning My White Husband in the Age of Trump

When I married in 2000, I changed my name. I expanded it — kept my name but added my husband’s name, Kaplan, without a hyphen. I wanted my name to reflect a conjoining that was also an evolution, literally one thing following another. This was an experiment, as all marriages are, that felt exciting …

Barack Obama

Donald Trump’s Magical Fantasy World

Americans have always had a tremendous capacity for fantasy. Jay Gatsby is a classic American hero because he constructed a fantasy version of himself and then attempted to live it. John Wayne constructed a fantasy version of the American West, which a lot of people still try to imitate.<p>As Kurt …

Donald Trump

How Trump Got Outplayed on North Korea

Thursday morning’s letter from President Trump to Kim Jong-un, apparently ending their nuclear negotiation bromance, should come as no surprise. But by once again catching American allies off guard and publicly antagonizing North Korea, the administration has further undermined its own …

North Korea

Donald Trump’s Guide to Presidential Etiquette

In many ways, Donald Trump is violating Americans’ expectations of how presidents should behave. We’ve compiled a list of Mr. Trump’s more egregious transgressions.

Donald Trump

Think Military Strikes Could Stop North Korea? Try It and See.

This simulation shows it’s not so simple.

North Korea

The Alex Jones Presidency

More than five years after a gunman murdered 20 first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., their families still get daily threats and online abuse from listeners of Alex Jones, whose claim that the massacre was a hoax is one of the many bogus conspiracy theories he peddles on …

Donald Trump

At Trump Tower, Michael Cohen and Oligarch Discussed Russian Relations

Eleven days before the presidential inauguration last year, a billionaire Russian businessman with ties to the Kremlin visited Trump Tower in Manhattan to meet with Donald J. Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer, Michael D. Cohen, according to video footage and another person who attended the …

Donald Trump

Trump’s Lawyer and Chief of Staff Appear at Briefings on F.B.I.’s Russia Informant

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s chief of staff and a White House lawyer representing the president in the Russia investigation were present on Thursday at the start of two classified meetings requested by members of Congress to review sensitive material about the F.B.I.’s use of an informant in the …

Donald Trump

Trump Says North Korea Summit May Be Rescheduled

WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Friday that the White House was back in touch with North Korea and that the two sides might reschedule his summit meeting with Kim Jong-un, a startling reversal that revealed not only Mr. Trump’s improvisational approach to diplomacy but also deep divisions …

North Korea

Trump’s Negotiating Playbook Faced Test in North Korea

WASHINGTON — President Trump attempted a revolutionary approach to North Korea — a gamble that negotiating prowess and deal-making charm in a face-to-face meeting with Kim Jong-un could accomplish what no American president or diplomat had dared to attempt in the 65 years since an uneasy armistice …

North Korea

The N.F.L. Is Being Anti-American

<i>This article is part of the Opinion Today newsletter. You can sign up here to receive the newsletter each weekday.</i><p>For tactical reasons, I’m not a big fan of kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest. I worry that kneeling N.F.L. players distract from their important political message …

Anthem Protests

How Trump Gets Into Your Bed

It’s not every day we start our discussion of current events with the president’s sex life.<p>Well, actually, it’s gotten to be pretty frequent. But today we’re going to talk less about what Donald Trump does in bed and more about his efforts to interfere with other people’s intimate affairs.<p>“When I …

Donald Trump

The Elevation of Imprecision

There has been no shortage of analysis of Donald Trump’s rhetorical tics, the way he overuses particular phrases, the way he falls back on others. The way he lies. The way he threatens, bullies and whines with language.<p>All of these observations are at different points hilarious or infuriating, …

Donald Trump

Did the F.B.I. Save Trump’s Presidency?

There has always been a relatively innocent and eminently plausible interpretation for why Donald Trump’s presidential campaign had so many suspicious ties to Russia. Let’s review:<p>First, the candidate himself took an indulgent view of Vladimir Putin. This was naïve, but it was no crime: Barack …

Donald Trump

President Trump Is a Very Political Animal

President Trump has an almost Apollonian daytime argument in favor of his continued political dominance, which is “Jobs Jobs Jobs!,” “MAGA!” and so forth. He also has a nighttime argument about decline, racial resentment and ethnic hatred. He pushes both strains hard, but the evidence suggests that …

Donald Trump

In Bitter Exchange, Pompeo Defends His Concerns for Diplomats’ Security

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo skirmished with a senior House Democrat on Wednesday in a bitter back-and-forth over his treatment of Hillary Clinton in the aftermath of a 2012 deadly attack on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.<p>The striking exchange in front of the House Foreign …

Donald Trump

Trump Initiates Trade Inquiry That Could Lead to Tariffs on Foreign Cars

President Trump has asked for a sweeping trade investigation into whether autos imported into the United States pose a threat to national security, a move that could ultimately result in tariffs on foreign-made cars and further strain relations with global allies.<p>In a statement released Wednesday …

Trump Administration

Truth in a Post-Truth Era: Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones, Conspiracy Theorist

WASHINGTON — After the body of Jesse Lewis, age 6, was recovered from his classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School, his father, Neil Heslin, cradled him for a final time. At the top of Jesse’s forehead was the gunshot wound that ended his life. “It meant a lot to be able to see him,” Mr. Heslin …


The Risky Business of Speaking for President Trump

It was getting late on a Wednesday, and by 2018 standards the evening’s news cycle felt almost serene. The only “breaking news” of the moment was about Dr. Harold Bornstein, Donald Trump’s doctor of 35 years, who had told NBC that the president’s bodyguard led a “raid” on his office and hauled away …

Donald Trump

Trump’s Blocking of Twitter Users Is Unconstitutional, Judge Says

Apart from the man himself, perhaps nothing has defined President Trump’s political persona more than Twitter.<p>But on Wednesday, one of Mr. Trump’s Twitter habits — his practice of blocking critics on the service, preventing them from engaging with his account — was declared unconstitutional by a …

Social Media

Jared Kushner Gets Security Clearance, Ending Swirl of Questions Over Delay

WASHINGTON — Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, has been granted his permanent security clearance, a person briefed on the matter said on Wednesday, ending a period of uncertainty that had fueled questions about whether Mr. Kushner was in peril in the special counsel …

Jared Kushner

Trump Pulls Out of North Korea Summit Meeting with Kim Jong-un

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Thursday pulled out of a highly anticipated summit meeting with Kim Jong-un, accusing the North Koreans of bad faith and lamenting that “this missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history.”<p>The president made his announcement in a remarkably personal, at times …

North Korea

Pompeo eases demand that North Korea give up nuclear weapons immediately

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo eased off US demands that North Korea give up its nuclear weapons immediately in exchange for sanctions relief, saying …

North Korea

Is it a gag rule? What changes to family planning funds and abortion referrals might mean.

The Trump administration has released the language of a proposed rule on federal family planning funds, and abortion rights activists are raising …

Health Care

Black defendants receive longer prison terms from Republican-appointed judges, study finds

WASHINGTON — Federal judges appointed by Republican presidents give black defendants sentences that are, on average, six to seven months longer than …

Criminal Sentencing

NFL owners adopt new national anthem policy

Players can remain in the locker room if they wish, but teams will be fined if players protest on the field.

NFL Owners

Trump's norm-breaking is leading to a constitutional fight

<b>(CNN) —</b> Donald Trump won the White House by flouting political norms and is determined to break the mold of the presidency.<p>But his escalating battle with his own Justice Department and his refusal to accept the historic boundaries of executive power are leading the nation onto the most treacherous …

Donald Trump