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Rights group report: Sudanese soldiers raped more than 200 women, girls

<b>(CNN) —</b> Darfur has a long, dark history filled with horrors.<p>But these nightmares aren't all in the far past, according to Human Rights Watch.<p>Citing 130 interviews with locals, the advocacy group said this week that in October, Sudanese soldiers raped more than 200 women and girls over a 36-hour …


Meet Easton LaChappelle, The 19-Year-Old Luminary Building A Cheaper, Better Prosthetic Limb

You probably haven’t heard much about 19-year-old Easton LaChappelle, though he’s already done enough to land a job at NASA. Simply put, LaChappelle is changing the world for the better.<p>There’s been a fundamental shift in how we see technology. Science and engineering are no longer just industries. …

3D Printing

Penguins lost ability to taste fish

<b>Penguins can taste only sour and salty food, scientists have discovered.</b><p>A genetic study suggests the flightless birds lost three of the five basic tastes long ago in evolution.<p>Taste is critical for survival in most animals, but may not matter in the penguin, which swallows fish whole, say …

University of Michigan

Minehunting with radar and rats

DURING a morning operation against the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Helmand province in 2010, a British army contingent halted before a narrow pass …


Black Hole's Howling Cosmic Winds Stop Galaxies From Getting Too Big

The furious, ultra-fast cosmic winds produced by supermassive black holes are blasting through their host galaxies so strongly, they can reshape the entire star formation.<p>NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) and ESA’s XMM-Newton telescope worked together to observe one of our …


14-Year-Old Hacks Connected Cars With Pocket Money

A 14-year-old boy has stunned the automotive industry by showing how to hack into connected cars with apparent ease.<p>Armed with only $15 of simple electronics gear he bought from RadioShack, the boy was easily able to unlock and start a connected car. The make of vehicle that was breached has not …

Mission Impossible

The Fukushima nuclear plant has been leaking contaminated water again

Highly radioactive water has again been discovered leaking from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, the site of a severe meltdown in 2011.<p>Tokyo …

700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct Because of Plastic Pollution. Here Are 5 Ways You Can Help! - One Green Planet

Plastic. It’s everywhere.<p>From food packaging to fabrics and face wash, this modern “miracle” invention can be found in some shape or form in nearly …

Here Are All The Crazy Ways Humans Are Changing Nature

A new photo series titled “A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World” documents the ways humans are changing the natural world. Shot and edited by Robert Zhao Renhui, whose work explores the ethics and morality of man’s relationship to nature, the images catalogue how animals and organisms evolve …


Best 3D View of Deep Universe Reveals Astonishing Details (Video)

Astronomers have just released a brand-new, best-ever 3D view of the deep universe, and it's a doozy.<p>The amazing new photo, released by the European …


The Dark Heart Of The Milky Way

Dark matter, the mysterious substance that makes up four-fifths of the stuff in the universe, has been found for the first time in the centre of the Milky Way.<p>The rivals have proposed an alternative hypothesis, called modified Newtonian dynamics (Mond), suggesting that the laws of gravity work …

Dark Matter

Selfies From Space, Slush Waves, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Lake Superior

Mysterious Plumes on Mars Have Scientists Stumped

A mystery is brewing on Mars: Amateur astronomers spotted enormous plumes erupting off the Red Planet's surface, leaving scientists puzzled.<p>More than …

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astronomy-to-zoology:Opabinia (Opabinia regalis) another unique arthropod from the Cambrian period, noted for its five eyes and proboscis

<b>Opabinia</b> (<i>Opabinia regalis</i>) another unique arthropod from the Cambrian period, noted for its five eyes and proboscis.<p>From David Attenbrough’s First Life watch it like right now!<p>likes this ♥

The 50 Most Essential Kitchen Secrets

Helpful tips and tricks.<p>These helpful tips and tricks, adapted from Rebecca DiLiberto's Penny Saving Household Helper, will save you time and money. This article originally appeared on

4 Crazy Predictions For The Future Of Health Care: Human Augmentation, Hacked DNA, And More

In the next 20 years, we’ll see groundbreaking research, from bionic exoskeletons to smartphones that diagnose cancer, start to change our lives.<p>Look across all the research and innovation taking place in biology and medicine now, and you can only imagine what health care could be like in 20 years. …

The 25 Most Popular Smartphone Photos on Flickr in 2014

The most popular cameras on Flickr these days are smartphone cameras. In fact, the top 5 cameras are all different phone models: the iPhone 5S, …

Mobile Photography

A Crazy Photo Sequence from a Crash-Filled NASCAR Xfinity Series Race

This past weekend, I covered the Alert Today Florida 300 Xfinity NASCAR race in Daytona. Following the Kurt Busch NASCAR appeal across the street …


Nude Photography by Leonard Nimoy

See also: The History of Photography as a Fine Art<p>Born in Boston Massachusetts / March 26th, 1931.<p>In addition to being a movie director, producer, …

World’s Most Powerful Camera Accidentally Captures a Picture of Comet Lovejoy

Until the 3.2-gigapixel LSST camera is launched in Chile, the 570-megapixel Dark Energy Camera (also in Chile) is the world’s most powerful camera. …

From Design to Street Art, 5 Looks Inside Great Creators' Notebooks

<i>A round-up of intimate drawings from Meriwether Lewis, Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister, and other bright minds</i><p>The nature and origin of creativity is the subject of many a theory. But, rather than theorizing about it, wouldn't it be great if we could just lift the lid of a great creative mind and …

USPS Stamps Get Famous: A Look Back in Pictures

Leonard Nimoy's final tweet is beautiful, and it broke my heart

My dad was — and is — a huge <i>Star Trek</i> nerd, and when I was a kid he'd excitedly show me episodes of the original series in syndication. It was a show that he watched in college, he'd say, explaining why Kirk was Kirk, Bones was Bones, and most importantly, why Leonard Nimoy's Spock was Spock. One …

Star Trek

Star Trek’s Mr. Spock: In Pictures

He Was, And Will Always Be, Our Friend: Remembering Leonard Nimoy

In 1966, when Leonard Nimoy was offered a minor role on a new space drama, he was thrilled. As he told <i>Archive of American Television:</i> "You have to understand that prior to <i>Star Trek</i> I never had a job that lasted longer than two weeks in any TV show or movie. Never. Two weeks — max. And here I was, …

Science Fiction

Instant Freeze Water - Sick Science! #226

Balancing Hex Nut Challenge - Sick Science! #228