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2019 Audi A1 is a stylish subcompact with up to 200 HP

Audi's second-generation A1 Sportback subcompact arrives with an even bolder design than before. The new car grows 2.2 inches in length but is still pint-sized, measuring almost three inches shorter in length than a Honda Fit.<p>Though the old model wasn't exactly dull to behold, the new Audi A1's …


History of the Chevy Blazer

Whispers of a reborn Chevrolet Blazer surfacing have been circulating for quite some time, and given America's appetite for SUVs, a new model wearing the legendary GM nameplate may not be a bad idea.<p>A new Blazer would also be fitting to continue the old-is-new-again SUV trend that Ford kicked off …

General Motors

Volvo, Volvo, made in Carolina

Today's a big day for Volvo. Not only is it unveiling the final piece in its current puzzle, the S60, but it's about ready to flip the switch on a plant that will serve Volvo both in the US and abroad.<p>Volvo will soon begin production at its newest facility in Charleston, South Carolina. It will …


Confirmed: Mazda MX-5 Miata gets more power for 2019

The rumors were true: Mazda's darling MX-5 Miata is getting a number of updates for the 2019 model year.<p>The biggest update is found under the hood, where the Miata gets a nice increase in power. Though it uses the same 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G engine as before, the 2019 MX-5 makes 181 horsepower -- an …

Smart Cities

Porsche takes 10 percent stake in electric car maker Rimac Automobili

A longstanding manufacturer of internal-combustion vehicles is investing in a relatively new maker of electric cars. Porsche announced today it is investing in Rimac Automobili, taking a 10 percent share in the Croatian company known for its all-electric supercars.<p>Porsche is interested in …

Automotive Industry

Ford, Waymo, Lyft and others form a new self-driving advocacy group

For a technology that is largely unavailable to the general public, self-driving cars are a fairly contentious subject. Whether it's journalists, pundits, or armchair quarterbacks arguing over the safety of autonomous vehicles, or the likelihood that they will put a bunch of people out of work, …


NHTSA issues cease and desist for Tesla Autopilot Buddy

Don't get me wrong, Tesla's Autopilot technology is pretty darn neat. But anyone trying to cheat the system in an attempt to experience long periods of hands-off-the-wheel driving is, well, stupid.<p>We recently told you about a little thing called Autopilot Buddy, a product marketed as a "nag …


Jimny crickets, Suzuki's small new SUV is totes adorbs


Audi names Abraham Schot as interim CEO, replacing Rupert Stadler

German automaker Audi AG had a rough start to its week, with CEO Rupert Stadler's arrest as fallout from the diesel emissions cheating scandal continues to rain on down. Today, as expected, an interim CEO has been named: Abraham Schot.<p>In a statement released by Volkswagen Group, the company …

Diesel Emissions

Jaguar I-Pace does it all, electrically

Rights & Freedoms

New shuttle to drive South Australia around town on its own

There's a new first- and last-mile solution in South Australia and it's not those brightly coloured bikes that have been subjected to abuse and irked regulators around the world.<p>A self-driving public electric shuttle called the Flinders Express will begin operations at the Tonsley Innovation …

South Australia

Uber tests out new feature letting people wait for cheaper rides

Trying to time your Uber ride so you get the lowest fare is always a bit of a gamble, but now, the company is testing out a feature that would let you opt to wait to get a cheaper ride. Penny pinchers rejoice!<p>The feature is being tested on Uber employees first in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as …


Elon Musk warns employees about a saboteur in late-night email

They say that you can't make omelette without breaking a few eggs, and apparently you can't run an electric car company in America without making a pile of potential enemies. At least, that seems to be the case for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, based on a company-wide email sent in the middle of the night …


Small, efficient used cars are selling like crazy right now

Something interesting has been happening in the wake of news by Ford and other companies that they would be scaling back their small car offerings in favor of SUVs, trucks and crossovers, used car values for small, fuel-efficient cars have started to rise, according to Automotive News.<p>This …


Indian's race-inspired FTR1200 is totally going into production in 2019

Flat track motorcycles are really, really cool. They look stripped back, mean and purposeful. They also sound furious and don't weigh much which means they are seriously fast. Unfortunately, they also don't have essential things like front brakes, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, starters or …


Bentley Bentayga finishes Pikes Peak prep, poised to pounce

When you think of six-figure cars attempting the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, you might think of some purpose-built race cars, or some street cars that have been modified out the wazoo. But a nearly stock Bentley Bentayga? Believe it or not, it's in the running.<p>Bentley announced this week …

Pikes Peak

Tesla starts AWD Model 3 production in a tent outside Fremont factory

It might not be the most ideal solution, but Tesla has found a way to start cranking out all-wheel-drive performance variants of the Model 3.<p>Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday that Tesla now has a new assembly line. There's a catch, though -- it's in a temporary tent structure outside its Fremont, …


Next Lincoln MKC could be called Corsair

The next-generation Lincoln MKC is expected to arrive in 2020, and when it does, it might have a new name. At a meeting in Orlando recently, Ford and Lincoln dealers were reportedly shown the new model, which is said to be called Corsair.<p>Corsair, as Automotive News reports, was the name of a World …

Lincoln Continental

Waymo self-driving car hit by red-light runner in Arizona

Waymo has once again found itself involved in a collision, and just like last time, a red-light runner is to blame.<p>One of Waymo's self-driving development vehicles, presumably a Chrysler Pacifica, was involved in a multiple-car collision on Saturday night. An allegedly impaired driver ran a red …

Luxury Lifestyle

New Suzuki Jimny is a blocky cute-ute with shades of G-Class

In the US, if you want a sport utility vehicle with the aerodynamic profile of a brick colonial, you're pretty much stuck with a Jeep Wrangler or a hella-expensive Mercedes G-Class. But buyers in Europe will soon have a more affordable (and cuter!) option.<p>Suzuki revealed its all-new Jimny SUV, and …


Audi CEO Rupert Stadler arrested in diesel scandal investigation

Even though buybacks and fixes are in full swing around the world, the fallout from Volkswagen's diesel scandal continues with a high-profile arrest.<p>German authorities have arrested Rupert Stadler, Audi's CEO, Reuters reports. Audi AG confirmed the arrest in an email and pointed out that Stadler is …


The Polestar 1 has a chassis made from carbon and inspired by bugs

So, the Polestar 1 has been on people's radar for awhile now, and we've been ooh-ing and ahh-ing all over its gorgeous body and 600 horsepower hybrid drivetrain but one thing that we haven't heard much about, or more appropriately, seen much of is its unique chassis construction. Spoiler alert: It …

Carbon Fiber

Managing Formula 1 tires is a complex job, here’s how Pirelli does it

Pirelli has been Formula 1's sole tire supplier since 2011 and part of that role -- in addition to developing tire technologies and new compounds -- is running the logistical side of getting teams' tires for a race weekend. During a visit to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, I was able to get a …


2019 BMW 8 Series has big power, big style

Solar System

2018 BMW 740e xDrive plug-in hybrid is luxury, electrified

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Plug-in Hybrid EVs

Our favorite car infotainment systems of 2018

Android Auto

Apple's self-driving program nets former Waymo engineer

Apple's self-driving-car program might not have the luster of Waymo or other high-profile companies, but that doesn't mean it can't attract some proper talent.<p>Apple has hired Jaime Waydo, a former senior engineer with Waymo, The Information reports, citing a source familiar with the hire. Apple did …

General Motors

Ferrari's 488 Pista special edition is for race car drivers only

As if being a race car driver, amateur or otherwise, wasn't already badass enough, now Ferrari has a special-edition version of a special edition version of its supercar that only the aforementioned group can enjoy.<p>Say hello to the "Piloti Ferrari" variant of the Ferrari 488 Pista. It's just an …

Solar System

Race to Le Mans in the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 and GT4

Sports Cars

2019 BMW 8 Series Coupe: Back from the dead and lookin' good

Enthusiasts and BMW buyers alike have been clamoring for a new 8 Series, and BMW has finally seen fit to humor them. The automaker has been teasing this car for the better part of a year, but now it's finally here, and it's looking <i>good</i>.<p>One slick coupe<p>Originally previewed in the Concept 8 Series …

Carbon Fiber