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The Very Best Streaming Has To Offer

Streaming services put out some of the best shows on television–for proof, just check out this year’s Emmy nominations. But with services airing a DVR-full of programming every week, it can be tough to pick what’s really worth your time.

TripAdvisor's best islands for 2016 | CNN Travel


Genes influence the age at which you lose your virginity, study shows

Researchers discover extent to which DNA determines age of first sex; genetic link also found between risk-taking behaviour and early loss of virginity<p>The subtle impact of genetics on the age at which people lose their virginity has been teased apart by scientists and shown to have an effect on how …

23 Stuffed Desserts That'll Blow Your Mind

I like to think heaven is a place where you finish one dessert, and there’s another one inside.

With Depression, Nothing Is Permanent

Robert J. Wicks, psychologist and bestselling author of <i>Riding the Dragon</i>, recently told me a story about impermanence.<p>A psychiatrist (Epstein) went …

This 'Matilda'-Inspired Chocolate Fudge Cake Will Bring Out Your Inner Bruce Bogtrotter

You don't have to eat it all in one sitting, but you probably will anyway.<p>Despite the fantastical characters in Roald Dahl's <i>Matilda</i>—a story about a young girl who discovers telekinetic powers, which help her cope with her rotten family and equally offensive principal, Miss Trunchbull—one scene …