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25 Must-See Wedding Photos From 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, we can confidently say that this has been an amazing year for wedding photography.<p>We've scoured wedding blogs, Pinterest and reached out to talented photographers across the country and around the world to compile the very best wedding photos of 2014. Below are 25 of our …

Llegó la hora de verte TOTALMENTE FABULOSA:

Earlier this year, Magnum photographer René Burri passed away. He'll be remembered for his incredible visual talents, as well as the unique energy he brought to every room he walked into. So, it seems appropriate to present one of Burri's masterful photographs, like this one taken in 1960, Sao Paulo, Brazil, along with one of his masterful anecdotes... “Did I know those men were there when I took that photograph? No. I went up there out of curiosity. I remember taking the elevator to the roof. Buildings weren’t guarded in those days; they didn’t have guardians as they have now. It was a question of getting to the top and knocking on the door. And then saying 'Excuse me. Excusez-moi, ce que je peux faire une photo? Desculpe-me, posso tirar uma foto?'...I walked out onto the terrace and at that moment those guys came from nowhere and I shot five images. In those days Henri Cartier-Bresson limited us to lenses from 35mm to 90mm. When I showed him the photos he said, ‘Brilliant René!’ I went outside and shouted ‘Hah!’ He heard me and said ‘What was that?’ I said, ‘Nothing, never mind.' The lens I used was 180mm – I never told him!" -René Burri

NO tienes idea MÍNIMA de CUANTO le costó este vestido a Kim Kardashian:

Tolstoy’s Reading List: Essential Books for Each Stage of Life

Shortly after his fiftieth birthday, Leo Tolstoy succumbed to a deep spiritual crisis and decided to pull himself out by finding the meaning of life. He did so largely by reading voraciously across the world’s major philosophical and religious traditions, discovering great similarities in how they …

¿Tienes un evento y no tienes idea que hacer con tu pelo? Aplica el messy updo es un #Trend #ELLEbeauty #BeautyTips

La MÁS IMPACTANTE transformación que TODAS las modelos de Victoria's Secret han tenido durante la historia de la marca:

¡8 formas de verte PERFECTA para este invierno! ¿Cuál es tu look favorito?

Las 15 rubias más ICÓNICAS y más FAMOSAS de TODOS los tiempos:

“It's amazing being able to reach out to a stranger in another city, having never met them face to face. Instagram has created a tool where people are practicing everyday hospitality, which in greek means, lover of strangers.” Travel photographer @thecraighensel is this week's feature for #FollowerFriday (yes, we know it's Saturday). His feed is a personal journey that often mixes #travel & #landscapes with beautiful #portraits of those he meets along the way. Check out his feed for more stunning photography.

Condestable's dream. Pamplona. Spain.

Las 100 mejores películas de la historia con la mejor fotografía

Hace unos días me dispuse a ver La vida secreta de Walter Mitty con esa idea preconcebida de que únicamente tenía una buena fotografía, y así fue, …

Image by @paulnicklen for @natgeo and @sea_legacy. Patterns in nature can be found in abundance; from the fine details of each individual feather to the dotted sky filled with a flock of birds. Moving patterns form, evolve and disappear often without notice. A photograph can freeze motion and reveal design from what might otherwise seem like random chaos. A bounty of little auks, also known as dovekies, fill the landscape at the shores of Svalbard. Image 1 in 'Patterns in Nature' photo series by @paulnicklen. #polarobsession #patternsinnature #natureisspeaking #nature #dovekies #littleauks #norway #svalbard #patterns #art #photography #beauty @natgeocreative @thephotosociety

November 25, 2014 "No Charges" Whether this commuter knew I was taking pictures or not, whether his message was for me or not, his fingers definitely resonates my feelings on the verdict. #oggl_ig #blackportraiture #blackphotography #subwayrunnings #subwayseries #street_bw #streetportrait #streetphotography #makeportrait #makeportraits #mikebrown #michaelbrown #iphoneonly

20 cosas que obvio no sabías sobre Jimi Hendrix | Daily Trend

Hoy <b>Jimi Hendrix</b> cumpliría 72 años. Para festejar a uno de los mejores guitarristas de la historia te mostramos en la galería 20 cosas que no sabías …

When your life feels black and white, make sure that you dream in color. Is anyone ready for snow yet?

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