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Religion(Cross Station) (Mt. Banahaw belief) Santos Kalbaryos taken from Mt. Calvary which is where 3 people died, Jesus , and two sinners. Believers, pilgrims and commoners come to climb and recreate what has happened in Jesus's Passion. They take stones with them varying in sizes that symbolizes their sin. They take it with them while climbing the mountain to feel the strain, pain and suffering our Lord has come through. (Christian Belief) We also believe in Jesus Christ so we also know his passion. And to devote our lives into believing in them we also created personal ritual yo recreate, and praise the holy trinity. Like during Holy week, some devotees do things like penitence to feel the pain Jesus felt and share the pain and burden Jesus had at that rime.

Religion(Cave station) (Mt. Banahaw belief) The cave in the picture us called Husgado cave. Pilgrims come to this place to pray and meditate. They say that if you went in the cave and went out safely without getting scratches it means our sins will be forgiven. And if do get wounds, every wound you have symbolizes the sins you have done. (Christian belief) Compared to our religion we don't believe in this things. We believe that only through the sacrament of reconciliation eill our sins be forgiven. And we also believe that God has always been forgiving us even if we don't ask for it.

Religion(Book of Life Station) (Mt. Banahaw belief) The stone where people write the names of their loved ones using their fingers is the Book of Life. It represents the book of St. Peter. One of the beliefs at Mt. Banahaw is that when your name was written in this book, for sure you will enter the Kingdom of God. (Christian belief) We christians also believe in the Book of Life. We believe that if our names are written on that book it means we are automatically accepted in heaven, if not it means we are sent to hell to pay for our sins. Which is the same belief as with the people in Mt. Banahaw.

Religion(Gate Station) (Mt. Banahaw belief) It is called the Gate of Heaven because this is the entrance to the holy and sacred place of Mt. Banahaw. Written above the gate is Suprema dela Iglesia Del Ciudad Mistica De Dios. This mean the Supreme Mystic Church City of God. Also seen on the gates are different flags of differents nations. This symbolizes the unity among all people. People say that when you pass through there the more safe they would feel throughout the journey. They als say, they would feel a lot braver whenever they pass the gates, and it makes you feel closer to God because it symbolizes the gates of Heaven in Jerusalem. The gate also gives courage and strength to those who past through it to reach their destination. (Christian belief) We also have a gate in our belief. That gate is the Gate to the Kingdom of God. Christian believes that when we die and we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior our soul will be saved.

Religion(River Station) [Banahaw belief] Ilog Lagnas the Jordan River of the Philippines as we call it. Pilgrim from far and wide come here to wash and clean themselves of sin before they climb the mountain. [Christian belief] We christian and catholics has similar beliefs with the people in Mt. Banahaw. We also believe in the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River which makes it a sacred place

Group 5 Mega Project( 10-SMC 2016)

Science: Sculptors consider many important Physics concepts in making a statue. A replica of a person might fallover due to copying a persons center gravity which is very high, so sculptors usually give standing figures larger feat or leggs to lower their center of mass and to stabilize the the figure and add some odd figures to lean against for the same purpose.

Science: As we can see the wet clothes hanged on a rope, the clothes are creating an curve on the middle meaning the clothes are being pulled by gravity to the center pf the earth.

Science: When we walk, we take a step so we exert a force onto the ground and receive a forward force pushing us forward. static frictionis also applied it is equal to the force applied onto the feet until a certain applied force then it goes into kinetic friction.

Science: Walking is something we do everyday, our movement is relevant to the third law of Newton which states that in every action has an equal and opposite reaction which when we put our foot on the ground we apply force to it and the ground also applies an equal force into pur foot in the opposite direction pushing us forward.

Science: The river flows by gravity and force affect the direction of the water. Gravity, force and friction affect water pressure and how fast the water flows

Trigonometry Math

Journey through the Sacred Mountain

Banahaw Trivia Time