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NYT editor: Trump's attacks are failing

The New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet talks with Brian Stelter about President Donald Trump's attempts to minimize journalism.

Donald Trump

Stelter: Trump's 'enemies' talk is poisonous

President Trump's anti-media attacks are a "verbal form of poison," meant to harm news organizations, Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter says.

Donald Trump

Hannity pretends Crowley didn't plagiarize

Are Monica Crowley and Sean Hannity in denial about Crowley's plagiarism? Brian Stelter says Hannity hurts his viewers by ignoring real reporting.

Sean Hannity

The real definition of fake news

Brian Stelter take a deeper look at how the term "fake news" has been co-opted by President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

New name for fake news: 'viral deception'

Kathleen Hall Jamieson compares "viral deception" on the web to "venereal disease." She also discusses Trump's use of "argument by anecdote."

Fake News

Teleprompter Trump versus Twitter Trump

Jason Miller, who was the Trump campaign's communications director, says the President enjoyed a "total messaging victory" after his joint address.

Donald Trump

Diversity in the White House press corps

Sabrina Siddiqui of The Guardian and Kaitlan Collins of The Daily Caller discuss the White House press office, and the need to put "substance over style."

Kaitlan Collins

Questioning the value of 'neutrality'

The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel says journalists should "jettison Olympian neutrality" while reporting on Trump, who, she believes, is harming democracy.

DC veterans say this drama is unprecedented

Bill Plante, who worked at CBS News for 52 years, says he's never seen anything like this. He urges reporters to keep their emotions in check.

Turner Broadcasting

Has some Trump coverage been 'hysterical?'

MZ Hemingway says some journalists are acting "hysterical" while Charles Blow says Trump's "lies" must be called out.

Turner Broadcasting

Origins of Trump's story about Obama

President Trump's unfounded claim about Obama wiretapping was inspired by a talk radio segment and a Breitbart article, Brian Stelter reports.


Covering politics outside the DC-NYC bubble

Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor Kevin Riley talks about what it's like to cover Trump administration policies from far beyond the beltway.

Trump Administration

Reporter describes being blocked from briefing

Politico White House correspondent Tara Palmeri says the W.H.'s decision to block her from attending a briefing was "by design" to distract media attention.

Trump supporter tired of attacks on media

"The story is what he's done," not President Donald Trump's anti-media attacks, Trump supporter Amy Kremer says. "I mean, honestly, I'm tired of hearing about all this."

The better way to fact-check Trump

Linguist George Lakoff offers recommendations for effective fact-checks.

Fact Checking

A Trump-less correspondents' dinner this year

Does it matter that the president skips the WHCA dinner? Trump supporter Amy Kremer says Trump doesn't need to go to the gala just "to get mocked."

Donald Trump

Getting answers from the Trump White House

NYT White House correspondent Glenn Thrush responds to Reince Priebus's assertion that anonymous sources should not be quoted in news stories.

Donald Trump

Democracy demands media literacy

Brian Stelter challenges media and tech companies to invest in media literacy; news consumers deserve to better understand how journalists do their job.

Media Literacy

Justifying leaks from anonymous officials

Dana Priest, Glenn Greenwald and Carl Bernstein discuss the dynamic between journalists and the anonymous sources who leak information to them.

Focusing on the president's actions, not words

RedState's Jay Caruso implores journalists to talk less about themselves and more about Trump's actions. NYT's Glenn Thrush traces storylines about Trump.

Real-world impacts of Trump's 'enemies' tweet

Analysts Salena Zito and Jeff Greenfield react to Trump's "enemies" rhetoric. Greenfield warns of potential anti-press actions.

Turner Broadcasting

Bernstein: Trump's attacks worse than Nixon's

Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein says "we've never seen, in an American president, such open authoritarian moves and rhetoric."

The nexus between Murdoch and Trump

President Trump and media mogul Rupert Murdoch have "quite a cozy relationship," the FT's Matthew Garrahan tells Brian Stelter.

Trump and the media at a 'fever pitch'

"One of the things that's just amazing is the intensity of this," James Bennet, the NYT's editorial page editor, says.

Turner Broadcasting

Worst week ever for W.H. communications?

The Examiner's Sarah Westwood and former Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer react to Sean Spicer's performance. Pfeiffer says Spicer has "lost credibility."

Making digital the top priority at the NYT

Gabriel Snyder, author of a new Wired magazine cover story, says the NYT's digital subscription growth is "one of the bright spots in the industry."

Ruddy says Trump is 'battle tested'

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, who met with President Trump on Friday night, says "there's a lot of weakness coming out of chief of staff" Reince Priebus.

Is the media in a state of emergency?

Andrew Sullivan says it's time for journalists to talk publicly about President Trump's "mental stability."

Newsmax CEO: Preibus making things difficult

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy says that President Trump is not getting the kind of support he needs from White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus in order to be successful.

The 'leakiest White House in decades'

Carolyn Ryan, the NYT's senior editor for politics, says leaks are abundant due to "colliding agendas among the Trump factions."