Relevant Rex

Rexcrisanto Delson is an Igorot-American writer, who offers his readers a unique perspective of faith and culture. He was born in the highest elevations of the Cordillera Mountains in the Philippines, but was raised in America since the age of four. Only two generations separated from his pagan Igorot ancestry; he is eternally grateful for his mother’s conversion to Catholicism, making her the first Christian in her long lineage of pagans. The same is true regarding his dad’s father, who was the first Christian in his family. In addition, Delson also finds solace knowing his grandfather on his mother’s side, a pagan priest, was converted by his mother on his death bed. As a proud American, he still embraces the positive attributes of his heritage, while rejecting its pagan beliefs and practices, because they point to the truths of natural law that are very prevalent in his culture.As a cradle Catholic, who knew only the Novus Ordo Mass his entire life, Delson recently underwent a profound deepening of his Cat