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Donald Trump and the Triumph of Climate-Change Denial

The science of man-made global warming has only grown more conclusive. So why have Republicans become less convinced it’s real over the past decade and a half?<p>Denial of the broad scientific consensus that human activity is the primary cause of global warming could become a guiding principle of …

Clean Technology

17 Google products you've never heard of

Most of us have heard of Google's well-publicized moonshots: Self-driving cars, smart contact lenses, internet-beaming balloons, and more.<p>While those products and services sound amazing, most of us can't use them just yet. But the company actually has a bunch of other ones that are incredibly …


The Ancient Greeks Warned Us About Trump

We might think tyrants are the opposite of democracy. But like it or not, they can spring from within democracies as well. And here we are. Buckle up.<p>…

Political Science

21 Quotes by Aaron Sorkin That Will Inspire You

If you can impress people with your wit and intelligence you will certainly achieve success faster. Award-winning writer Aaron Sorkin tells us how it's done.<p>Writing is one of the most necessary, and at the same time difficult, parts of business. Everyone needs to write, even if it's only emails and …

Low-cost water splitter makes hydrogen for 200 hours - Futurity

A new water-splitting device can continuously generate hydrogen and oxygen for more than 200 hours—and requires only one catalyst.

Irrational hopes for 2015: A few wish-list political items that probably won’t happen

2015 will likely be awful, but we can still nurture a few (mostly) irrational political hopes for the coming year<p>It being the holiday season and all, the time feels right for a bit of unbridled optimism. 2015 has just begun, which means it hasn't had an opportunity to disappoint, and is therefore a …