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Swift, Java, Node.js, or Ruby? The Advantage of Server-side Swift

Learn how to rapidly build an app with both client and server components written in Swift!

Intro to RxJava

Introducing RxJava, an incredibly powerful tool for making Android code easier to maintain and less bug prone.

Developing Apps for Project Tango

Learn how to build VR and AR applications using Project Tango’s Java SDKs and 3D graphic libraries.

Google Cast: A Field Guide

Go in-depth on the Google Cast platform, including best practices and use cases for queuing, auto play, audio devices, analytics and more!

Building Reactive Apps with Realm: Episode 3

In episode three of the series, we'll learn how we can use Realm to make our apps more resilient.

Building Reactive Apps with Realm: Episode 4

In this fourth episode, we'll learn about elasticity and how Realm keeps memory consumption optimized.

Building Reactive Apps with Realm: Episode 5

In this fifth and final episode, we'll look how to combine Realm with a message-driven app architecture.

Best Practices & Pain Points in Mobile Networking: REST API Failure Situations

The flexibility & simplicity that make REST APIs easy also create problems. What if there were a better way?


Java programming may involve a bit of boiler plate code, but by processing annotated source code, you can make Java easier to deal with.

I create iOS apps - is RxSwift for me?

Marin Todorov shows how RxSwift (an async, event based framework) applies in everyday situations of the life of an iOS developer.

Modern Swift Networking with Swish

Let's talk about how you can use the Swish framework to build a testable networking stack in Swift that makes you happy.

Introducing the Realm Mobile Platform: Realtime Sync Plus Fully Open Source Database

Introducing the Realm Mobile Platform: Build offline-first, reactive mobile experiences with simple data sync.

Say It Ain't So: Implementing Speech Recognition in Your App

Marc Brown walks you through the new Speech APIs, and delivers a practical use case by adding speech recognition to a text-based search app.

Pushing the Envelope with iOS 10 Notifications

A high-level overview of what's changed with Notification APIs in iOS 10, plus some examples of cool new stuff you can do.

Fragments: What Are They Good For?

Take a journey through the fundamentals of Fragments, and learn how to leverage them in your Android apps.

Continuous Delivery for iOS & Mac Apps

An overview of free and commercial tools for continuous integration and delivery of iOS & Mac apps, with 3 live demos.

Easy, Beautiful Typography with BonMot

BonMot abstracts NSAttributedString, providing a readable, usable, composable library that makes even the most complex typography a breeze.

Optimizing and Profiling UI Performance

Performance matters if you want to provide a great user experience. Learn what causes jank, how to avoid it, and how to find problem areas.

Bring Your App To Life with CALayers

Use the power of CALayers to create a high resolution, vector-based, animated sequence that delights users and makes your app memorable.

Android Libraries I Wish I Knew About When I Started

Why re-invent the wheel? This talk will cover a range of libraries you can use in your Android apps to tackle common problems!

Practical Core Bluetooth in IoT & Wearable Projects

Learn the basics of Core Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and gain practical knowledge to build apps for hardware products.

Can You Read Your Tests? Clean and Useful Android Testing, with JUnit and Spock!

How good are your unit tests? This talk covers tools and techniques for writing tests that are a pleasure to read and easy to maintain.

A Practical Guide to Material Design Implementation for Android Developers

This talk will show you how to use Google’s Material design to build Android apps with an engaging user experience.

What's New in Swift 3 - Part 3

In this final part of a three-post series, we cover Clarity, Good Looking C & API Guidelines.

What's New in Swift 3 - Part 2

In this second part of a three-post series about Swift 3, we cover Functions, Closures, Collections, and more.

Become a Better Engineer Through Writing

Using various forms of writing, Kristina shows several approaches that will help you become a more thoughtful engineer.

How (Not) to Write an iOS SDK

As part of the Workflow team, Conrad Kramer maintains dozens of dependencies and SDKs in his projects, as well as contributing to and open…

Type Erasure Magic

In a world where Swift Protocol is King and Generics are our Queen, Type Erasure can make them work for us instead of against us!