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These Tiny Spacecraft Could Lead Us to Alpha Centauri

Earlier this spring, Russian billionaire Yuri Milner casually announced his intention to develop spacecraft that can travel at up to 20 percent the …

Space Travel

English is Surprisingly Devoid of Emotionally Positive Words

While investigating non-English words associated with positive emotions and concepts, a British researcher recently discovered 216 foreign words for …


RSA ANIMATE: How To Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential

Basic Income

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1

<i>PDF: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. Buy it here. (Or see a preview.)</i><p><i>Note: The reason this post took three weeks</i> …


The Fermi Paradox

<i>PDF: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. Buy it here. (Or see a preview.)</i><p>Everyone feels something when they’re in a …



Unite 2015 - Filming Giant Virtual Vehicles: Procedural Cinematography in Homeworld Shipbreakers


The military is 2 years away from unleashing its real-life Iron Man suit

The Department of Defense is two years away from unveiling an Iron Man-like suit. Known as the Tactical Light Operator Suit (Talos), it can repel bullets, help lift heavy objects, and provide lifesaving oxygen. The suit also comes with 3D audio; heating and cooling systems; and embedded …

Barack Obama

NASA Releases Detailed Photos of Pluto Taken by New Horizon Space Probe

NASA has captured some incredible shots of the Pluto, showcasing the dwarf planet in ways we’ve never seen before. They were taken by the Ralph/Multispectral Visual Imaging Camera (MVIC) on the New Horizons space probe, which made history on July 14, 2015 as the closest approach to Pluto yet, at …


Sunlight and Graphene Could One Day Power a Spaceship

Graphene, already a plenty weird wondermaterial, has an unexpected new property that could one day play a role in space exploration: When hit with …

NASA releases amazing pics of Ceres

From JPL. Those white spots are an intriguing mystery.<p>This animation shows a sequence of images taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft on May 4, 2015, from …

NASA's New Electric Vehicle Looks Like a Lot of Fun to Drive

NASA’s new Modular Robotic Vehicle prototype is a new type of rover developed in conjunction with the car industry—and it looks like a hell of a lot …

Electric Vehicles

Now You Can Fly Around Asteroid Vesta and Explore Every Crevice

NASA launched Dawn spacecraft in 2007 to study two of the three known protoplanets of the asteroid belt: Vesta and Ceres. And now here is an amazing …


Strange lights on dwarf planet Ceres have scientists perplexed

A dwarf planet is shining two bright lights at a NASA spacecraft right now, and our smartest scientists are unsure what they are.<p>As bizarre as that …


The Story Behind Earth's "Other" Moon And Its Completely Whacked Orbit

The Complete History Of Ceres, The Planet (?) Between Mars And Jupiter

Over the last couple of weeks, the Dawn Spacecraft has been beaming back spectacular pictures of Ceres – a world, discovered more than a century …


A visual guide to bias, as explained by adorable shapes

"This is a story of how harmless choices can make a harmful world," reads the introduction on playable post <i>Parable of the Polygons</i>. Just above this text, a crowd of yellow triangles and blue squares wiggle amicably.<p>These little figures, the post explains, are slightly shapist. They enjoy diversity, …

Airtrax Cobra

Omni-Crawler Drives In All Directions #DigInfo


Mystery Planet: Is a Rogue Giant Orbiting Our Sun?

The quest for Planet X always starts out with celestial objects behaving badly. Astronomers notice that a known planet, or a bunch of comets, begin …

Utopia series: how Capitalism should be reformed

The Utopia Series<p>Calling an idea ‘utopian’ is normally a way of saying it’s pie-in-the-sky and not worth paying attention to. Far from it. Throughout …

How Long Is the Coast of Britain? — but does it float

en_US<p>Fractal scapes by batjorge Title: Wikipedia More fractals on BDiF Folkert<p>http://butdoesitfloat.com/How-Long-Is-the-Coast-of-Britain<p>website

Matter and energy interacting in an arena of space and time — but does it float


The Great Anthropologists: Margaret Mead

When we use ‘modern’ to describe something, it’s usually a positive. We are very appreciative and even a little smug about the miracles of modern …

Dim and Cluttered Work Spaces Actually Boost Creativity

Is there an ideal atmosphere for creativity and innovation? According to new research, as reported by <i>The Atlantic's</i> Cody C. Delistraity, you should …

This Clever Traffic Light Makes The City Safer For Pedestrians By... Dancing

Waiting at a traffic light to cross the street is boring and annoying, especially when there are no cars and you’re in a rush. This is why a lot of …


Emma Watson's Excellent UN Speech For Gender Equality

Actress and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson gave a powerful speech on gender equality at the UN on Saturday, helping to launch her new …