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Even a physics concept is present in this photo of student Gab Sarmiento resting after the hike. As he lies down, his body exerts a downward force on the rock, and the rock exerts an upward force on Gab's body. This can be inferred from Newton's 3rd law of motion- The Law of Interaction

Balitang Banahaw

It is harder to climb up the mountain than descending from it. This is because the force of gravity, which was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton, constantly exerts a force towards the center of the earth.

On the road, the bus accelerates slower than the other cars. This is because of Newton's second law of motion, which states that at a constant force, the mass is inversely proportional to the acceleration. An object with a greater mass will accelerate slower while an object with a lesser mass will accelerate faster.

We started this outbound trip with a naivety in the field of religion. All we knew was what was exposed to us in our metropolitan lives. We did not have any idea what mysteries we were to unearth. Most notable of these mysteries would be the discovery of another culture. As we viewed this scene of worship in silence, we were struck by an epiphany. Here are people who are so different from us with different cultures, faiths, and practices, and yet were also content with their lives. Our minds were opened to the concept of being different, but at the same time being alike with other people. The epiphany struck down the subconscious and arrogant idea that those who are different from us are wrong. With newfound knowledge, we continued on the trail

As the bus stops, students Raphael and Maui involuntarily move forward, due to the concept of inertia, the property of matter to resist a change in motion. As a greater mass gives a greater intertia, Maui moves less since he has more resistance.

The whole trip was an eye-opener for us, but this proved to be most true for the trip to the Lagnas river. From the top of stairs and during our descent towards the river, we were bursting with anticipation. After all, we had just endured a long trek to and from the mountain. What greeted us at the bottom of the stairs was breathtaking. The tranquil river and harmonious flow of the water of the Balbas ng Ama and Buhok ng Ina took our breaths away. But apart from these beautiful spectacles, we were met with a realization: the realization that we, who are so focused on the material things that we desire, never valued what we already had. The Filipinos have a rich culture, wondrous phenomenon, and diverse beliefs that we, Filipino students, are only discovering today. In the midst of these wonders, we discovered the value of culture. The "purification" after wallowing in the river filled a gaping hole in ourselves we didn't even know existed: a hole of curiosity. With these revelations in mind (and in spirit), we headed back to our school and our daily lives