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Photo by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz Once hunted to near extinction, Arabian #oryx now range freely in a newly established wildlife refuge near Umm az Zamul in the U.A.E.. The refuge was established by the Abu Dhabi Enviromental Department to allow the population of oryx and rheem gazelle to recover. To take a visual journey through the world’s largest sea of sand and see the hottest place on earth visit @geosteinmetz

Photo taken by @stevemccurryofficial // I photographed this young boy as he walked through barley fields near Kandze, Tibet. Barley is an important crop because it can be grown in the cold temperatures of the Tibetan plateau. It is an important food staple and can be roasted and ground into flour.

Photograph by @JohnStanmeyer Mount Bromo (foreground) and Mount Semeru, simultaneously erupting as the earliest touches of dawn mix with the light from a setting full moon during the sacred #Kasada ceremony in the spectacular #Tengger Caldera located in #EastJava #Indonesia. Pleased to announce that beginning today I’ve joined @NatGeoCreative for representation in commercial assignments and image licensing. In addition, I’m bringing my entire archive — 14 stories from more than a decade with @NatGeo magazine — over to NatGeo Creative, expanding my collaboration with the Society, sharing more loudly the passions for education, awareness on the issues facing all of us today and into the future. Looking forward to dancing with the talented team lead by Maura Mulvihill and the likes of @alicebrkeating, @ginamartindc and more. Above is a photograph from my 4th story with the magazine, published in the January 2008 edition, titled #VolcanoGods. A story I proposed to the magazine, the approach was rather unorthodox — not how one volcano is interacted with #spiritually, rather how an entire nation located along the #RingofFire interacts with what many Indonesian’s believe are the bellybuttons of the earth. Will never forget the story proposal conference call. It went somewhat like this: Mid-morning in a bar in Iquitos, Peru. On the phone was editor and chief, Chris Johns, then director of photography @dlgriffin, creative director @billmarr, members of the editorial and art departments, maps and more. After explaining the story approach for 10 or so minutes, Chris said, “I like this idea, let’s do it.” Then I thought, great — now I have to prove my theories on a topic never widely studied. Had the privilege to be partner with Senior Photo Editor, @sadiequarrier. Sadie and I worked through the process of creating the final narrative that appeared in the magazine. Often complex, I’ve always feel that each National Geographic story I do is like preparing — then defending — your doctoral thesis. In this case, it nearly was, standing in a room over a year later, presenting the final story that originated with a "let’s do it" back in South America.

Photo by Pete McBride @pedromcbride // The Wasatch mountain Range reflects in a dwindling Great Salt Lake which is nearing it lowest water level in 167 years. I'm excited to share my work about water shortages, rivers and #conservation solutions tonight to a sellout crowd in L.A. for @natgeo Live! View from Antelope Island, #Utah. #chasingrivers @thephotosociety

House hunting in Welsh high country #beautifulbritain

Xpacay Cenote, Mexico Photo by @salvarezphoto The water in Xpacay Cenote is so clear it is hard to swim there and not get a sense of vertigo. You can see to the bottom 100 feet below and when the noon sun strikes the water its like falling though a beam of light. Shot on assignment for @natgeo. #mexico #water #swim

Welcome Rainbow

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

“Tourists from all around the world have traveled here to see the eclipse,” @tinemari wrote in an email this morning from #Longyearbyen, in #Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago. She estimated that the town’s population doubled for the event. (Svalbard was one of only two places on land where the total #eclipse was visible.) Tine, who is from northern Norway, took a break from work to watch the eclipse with coworkers. “I have seen a partial eclipse before, but nothing like this,” she said. #solformørkelse #regram

The desert has the best light. #sunrise #desert #phxtojfk #travel #airplanes #delta #phoenix #goinghome

Sao Paulo, Brazil | March 14, 2015 Oh hey Sao Paulo. And bye Quick in and out. #onassignment #photojournalism #landscape #brazil #viewfromaplane

Photo by @mike_hettwer - Burning Man is one of the most interesting and unique cultural events in the world. Every year in early September about 65,000 people gather in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada in the US - and they build a large temporary city. The name comes from the ritual of burning a giant wooden effigy of a man. Everyone dresses up and there are hundreds of art cars or “mutant vehicles” wandering the open playa area. It’s extremely visual and at night, it has the feeling of being part of a five-mile wide movie set. There are dozens of art installations and gigantic sculptures. Attendees often climb the sculptures like this man - at their own risk. The entire city and all traces of humans are trucked out each year. #burningman #blackrockdesert #blackrockcity #nevada #festival #art #usa #sculpture #culture @natgeo @thephotosociety @mike_hettwer

Just married

"Seni günlük tasalar boğsa bile Bir şarkın olsun dudaklarında…” Caesar Flaisc...

les presenta: •BEST LANDSCAPE •FECHA : 18 de marzo de 2015 •FOTO ARTISTA: @whitesandpr2 •LUGAR: #elconquistador #fajardo #puertorico •NUESTRAS FELICITACIONES •MUÉSTRENLE SU APOYO Y VISITEN SU GALERÍA!! •ADMIN: @l_juarez_cruz •SELECCIONADA POR: @l_juarez_cruz

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Todo el año en chancletas

En el universo de las playas españolas no cabe la monotonía. Proponemos un calendario playero para relajarse junto al mar de enero a diciembre<p>Una …

¡Así es la actitud de hoy! ¿Y por qué no experimentar con un nail art igual de cool? http://bit.ly/18X2zfu


El suave rezongo de alguna canción, de alguna canción.

La vida es mejor en familia 😄 #BuenosdiasPeru #Cañete . Si te gusta la foto, compártela tagueando a quienes más quieras. Foto gracias al #igersperu @paolo210 . Para ser destacados: Agrega #IGERSPERU Sigue a @igersperu

Las San Juaninas todas juntas en la Fiesta de La Candelaria desde #Puno . Si te gusta la foto, compártela tagueando a quienes más quieras. Foto del día gracias al #igersperu @sussyobregon . Para destacar tus fotos: Agrega #IGERSPERU Sigue a @igersperu

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Multiple Camera Drones Were Lost for This Imagery of a Volcano’s Insides

Explorer Sam Cossman recently employed the help of multiple drones to capture photos and footage of the Marum Crater in an active volcano on the …

The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

The Sony World Photography Awards, an annual competition hosted by the World Photography Organisation, just announced its shortlist of winners. This year's contest attracted 173,444 entries from 171 countries. The organizers have been kind enough to share some of their shortlisted images with us, …

West Africa