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Scientists Find the Exercise and Diet Sweet Spot for Gaining Muscle, Losing Fat

Holy GrailThe exercise and diet sweet spot to build muscle, lose fat.Scientists have found the perfect balance of exercise and diet to achieve one of …

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The Best Bodyweight Leg Workout Ever

Best Leg WorkoutYou’ll be amazed you could get such results without weights.


Best Skin Products: Look 25 Again with These 14 Full-Strength Serums

Barret Wertz25-Year-Old SkinAge in reverse with these 14 full-strength serums.


6 Testosterone-Boosting Foods

Courtney Anaya, C.P.T., for Muscle & FitnessT-Boost FoodsThese nutritious foods can stimulate higher testosterone levels.

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12 Foods to Look Better Naked

According to adult toy company Adam & Eve, 41 percent of American adults prefer to get busy in the dark. Although that stat isn't particularly …

The 6 Most Effective Strengthening Moves For Amazing Body Confidence

<i>Photo by Ryan Lane/Getty Images</i><p>When you feel strong, you feel confident. When you feel confident, loving your body comes a little easier. So let's go back to the start of the chain reaction: strength training. One session with a set of dumbbells will give you a burst of energy and boost your …


The Best Foods to Fuel Your Workout and Give You Energy

Chow down on these 8 power foods before and after your workouts, and you'll see results in no time.<p>1<p>Spinach<p><b>Good for:</b> Muscle recovery<br>It's true: …

When These Muscles Are Fitter Your Brain Is Also Fitter

The brains and bodies of identical twins were compared over ten years.• Try one of PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean:• Activate: How To …


Use the Sauna Before, Not After, Your Workout

If you're lucky enough to go to a gym with a sauna, you'll probably see people relaxing in it after their workout. But the heat won't do anything to …

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The Best Ways to Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones

Blasting fat from the body for good requires an understanding of how the body stores and burns fat. If you can learn to activate your fat burning …

Exercise Can Boost Your 'Visual' Brainpower, And Here's How

Scientists have long known that going hard in the gym benefits the brain as much as it does brawn, from improving long-term memory to enhancing the amount of your brain's gray matter.<p>Now, a new small study that was published in the journal Current Biology on Monday suggests that a good workout -- …

5 Reasons We All Deserve Forgiveness

<b>“To forgive is somehow associated with saying that it is all right, that we accept the evil deed. But this is not forgiveness. Forgiveness means that</b> …

How Your Morning And Nighttime Routines Affect Your Health

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The Best Fit Women to Follow on Instagram That Will Inspire You Get Fit.

Instagram is great for all sorts of things: sharing fitness motivation, inspiration, tips and videos. And occasionally we happen to stumble across …

12 Ways to Have a Happier and Healthier Year

There’s a reason many of us make New Year’s resolutions in January: Starting the year strong sets you up for success down the road. “After an …

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8 Ways to Crush Strength Plateaus and Gain More Size

For most of us gym rats, the first year or two of training is the most fun, and often the most productive. But as you start to make the transition …

This Video Captures the Ridiculous Things You See at the Gym

• <b>0:23</b>: “A female human stirs. Her emergence marks the beginning of the New Year’s resolution-ers.”• <b><br>1:32</b> “The human males, like the peacocks and other …


If Mindfulness Makes You Uncomfortable, It’s Working

I recently had a conversation with a client named Claire, who shared that her company had been touting the benefits of mindfulness, and she was giving mindfulness a try with a meditation app. But she was frustrated that it wasn’t helping her feel more relaxed — instead, she was actually a bit more …


The 3 Best Exercises for Your Glutes

<b></b>This exercise targets your gluteus maximus, which is the muscle that gives your rear end it's shape. Done often, it'll help lift your butt so it no longer droops. "Since it's the largest muscle in your backside, targeting it will also help you make greater gains in size and strength," says …

The Muscle Shockers: Three Workouts That Force Your Body to Grow

Mike SimoneMuscle ShockersThree workouts that force your body to grow.You've got to give a program atleast 4-6 weeks before switching it out. That's …


Straight Up Back: Pullup Workout

Despite a plethora of more advanced equipment, the simple pullup bar remains one of the most effective tools at your disposal for building size and …