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Code2care : Tech Blog

Code2care is an website containing loads of web apps related to web development and tutorials related to Mac,Windows and mobile platform like iOS and Andriod.

Online Base64 encoder-decoder tool - Code2Care

Online tool for base64 encoding and decoding.

HTML-CSS color code converter - Code2Care

A collection of quite handy HTML/CSS color code converter tool online,conversion includes color formats RGB, HEX, CMYK and HSV.

Learn objective-C on Windows machine(XP/Windows 7/Vista/Windows 8)

Yes!, You can learn objective-C without a Mac machine.Here is a tutorial of setting up GCC compiler using Cygwin tool and running your first objective-C program on Windows Operating system. running your first objective-C program on Windows Operating system.

How to share Image and Text on Instagram from your android app using Share Dialog - Code2Care

Here is how we can share an Image with text message on Instagram using Share Dialog. There is no need to use any Instagram API’s.

How to Share SMS (Text Message) from Android Share Diaglog - Code2Care

Here is how we can share SMS (Text Message) from Android Intent.

How to See Hidden Folders and Files on Mac OS X - Code2Care

Here is how we can see hidden folder and files on the mac. Follow these simple steps to get started.

How to send an Email from Android App using Intent - Code2Care

Here is how we can send an Email from your android app using Intent.ACTION_SEND.

Android Simple Swipe detection template code on github - Code2Care

Here is a simple Swipe detection template that detects up,down,left and right gestures. Hope someone may find it helpful to get started.

This version of the rendering library is more recent than your version of ADT plug-in Please update ADT plug-in - Code2Care

How to install the recent version of ADT plugin for Android on eclipse.

How to change Youtube Default user name (Channel Name) - Code2Care

If you don’t want your default name to be displayed as your user name on youtube, rather want a pseudo name or band name!, well here is a quick snap tutorial on how to do it.

Share Story Feeds on Facebook using URL - Code2Care

Here is how you can share story feeds on Facebook wall of user by url, all you need to have is app_id.

How to resolve Internet Explorer displaying border for images as hyperlinks - Code2Care

When a image is rendered as hyperlinks in Internet explorer (ie6 to ie10) a border is displayed around it. Here is how we can resolve this issue by css property.

Oops You are not invisible because you are logged into Google Talk from another client - Code2Care

How to resolve this warning on gmail chat when indivisible. Oops! You are not invisible because you’re logged into Google Talk from another client, device, or location that doesn’t support invisibility.

Facebook App page error : You have specified an App Domain but have not specified a valid integration URL - Code2Care

Here is how to resolve Facebook App page error :

How to set opacity only for div background and not the text - CSS - Code2Care

Here is how we can set opacity only for div background color and not the text in css.<p>code2care.org

Facebook like box overlaps fixed div element while scrolling the page - Code2Care

Here is how to fix the overlapping of facebook like box over a div element on a web page. The issue is faced while scrolling, the facebook box overlaps the fixed div.

How to get table td, tr or th inner content value with id or name attribute - Code2Care

Here is how we can get the value from a table element like td, th or tr having id or name attribute.

Sorry, no data for this metric Android Statistics - Code2Care

FacebookSDK] Unable to resolve target android-8 (Android Facebook SDK error) - Code2Care

FacebookSDK] Unable to resolve target android-8 error encountered when integrating Facebook SDK 3.5 with android application.

Integrating Facebook SDK version 3.5.2 with Android app Tutorial - Code2Care

Here is a tutorial on how to share contents on facebook wall from your app through native Facebook application integration (facebook SDK ver. 3.5.2), the tutorial covers solutions to most of the issues that one may get stuck

Bypass domain name for IIS site - Code2Care

Does your Organization have a single Domain and still requires users to pass-in the Domain name in the credentials to login ? Well, there is a way to bypass it.


<b>INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE</b> is a most common error that a <i>Android</i> Developer faces while trying to run a application on the Emulator.<p>To fix this issue :<p>1. Right Click on your Android <i>Project Folder</i>,<p>goto <i>Run As</i> -> Run Configurations<p>Select your Application at the left section<p>Move to <b>Target</b> Tab<p>In <b>Additional Emulator Command Line Options</b> add : <b>-partition-size 2048</b><p>Apply the Changes are run the Emulator.

How to take a screenshot on a mac ( print screen on a mac) - Code2Care

There is no print screen button on a Mac Keyboard but there are some advance options available that we can use to capture screens.Here is how you can take a screenshots on a Mac (like what we call print screen on Windows)

Twitter Button Asynchronous Loading for Your Website - Code2Care

You must always load <i>Twitter</i> media buttons on your website asynchronously. If you don’t , then it will slow down loading of some important sections of your website.<p><a href=“https://twitter.com/share”<br>• class=“twitter-share-button”<br>• data-url=“http://code2care.org”<br>• data-via=“code2care”<br>• data-size=“large”<br>• data-related=“code2care”<br>• data-hashtags=“code2care”><br>• Tweet<br>• </a><br>• <script><br>• ! function (d, s, id) {<br>• var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],<br>• p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? ‘http’ : 'https’;<br>• if …

Mac OS X Mavericks Offline Speech to Text Dictation Feature

Apple introduced Siri for iOS and Text dictations in iOS 6. This dictation feature was introduced in OSX Mountain Lion in year 2012 but the problem was you constantly needed internet connection to use it and was quite buggy. And the data was sent to-and-fro to the servers to get the results, and could hardly convert speech-to-text for only few words at a time.<p>Now for Mac OSX <i>Mavericks</i> Apple has introduced a option in <b>“Dictation & Speech”</b> that lets you dictate offline. It is called as <b>“Enhanced</b> …

Use Hidden Emoji's on Mac OSX Mavericks

You must have used <b>Emoji’s</b> with <i>iOS</i> on your iPhone, iPad or iPods, the keyboard settings for iOS7 has Emoji keys available.<p>Ever wondered of using then with your Mac OSX on your Mac Book or Mac Mini, well you can use the same set of Emoji on OSX Mavericks 10.9. All you need to know is a set of keys that will let you access them (as they are<i>hidden/secret</i> )<p>How to Access Emoji :<p>Just place the cursor in any of the TextFields ( document/mail/chat where you currently tying) and press<b>Control + Command +</b> …

Somethings not right Error Gmail Hangout

Do you get the following error while trying to login to <b>Hangout</b> in Gmail/Google+/Android App<p><i>“Somethings not right</i><p><b>We’re having trouble contacting our servers. <br>We’re going to keep trying.”</b><p>Clear the cache of your browser and try again, if this doesn’t work,<p>Try the following trouble shooting steps :<p>1. Go to Gmail.<p>2. Click on your Hangout Display Image.<p>3. Now click “Revert to old Chat"<p>4. Click "Revert to old chat” button on the popup diaglog.<p>5. Now you get old Gtalk chat.<p>6. Click on your image again …

Gmail Error Bad Request Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request

Gmail Error Bad Request Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request while trying to access gmail.

Use Hidden Emoji's on Mac OSX Mavericks - Code2Care

Emoji’s on Mac OX Mavericks. Use hidden smileys by pressing a combination of mac keys.