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Prince Of Persia Creator Trying To Revive Franchise

Although it was once a well-known and popular series, Prince of Persia went a little quiet during the PS3/Xbox 360 generation. A film based on the series and the most recent mainline game both launched in 2010, and since then, it's pretty much disappeared. But there may still be hope that the …


9th-32nd Decklists

Magic: The Gathering

Tide Pod Challenge: Teens 'eating' laundry detergent in latest dangerous craze

Proof that you should never take a meme seriously.<p>Teenagers on social media have joined a challenge to "eat" laundry detergent pods in an alarming …

Is Bitcoin A Bubble? If So, When Will It Burst?

It’s made billionaires. It’s absurdly popular and yet also absurdly volatile. The hype is only growing. But is Bitcoin a bubble? And if it is one, when will it burst?


Forget Bitcoin: These guys invest in Magic cards

Rudy stands in front of his regal mahogany bookcase stocked full with classics like the <i>Iliad</i>, the <i>Odyssey</i>, and <i>Arabian Nights.</i> He holds a …

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