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16 Ferrets With Better Hair Game Than Donald Trump

These ferrets just have really nice hair.

21 Totally Unexpected Holiday Cards To Send This Year

"Wishing you all the best! Love, me and wine."

Are You More Walter White Or Heisenberg?

Are you actually the one who knocks?

18 Of The Least Productive Members Of Society

Like, OK, you're a puppy, but that doesn't excuse your behavior.

19 Of Your Most Horrifying Thanksgiving Family Drama Stories

Put away the carving knife, y'all.<p>"In the span of four hours, my mom went into labor, the turkey caught fire, the dishwasher flooded the entire kitchen, and the person making the stuffing didn't know you were supposed to cook the sausage before putting it into the stuffing, so we all ate raw meat." …

27 Tumblr Posts That Are Too True For Words

"Every time I think of the black market, I actually imagine a market with little stalls selling illegal things like nuclear weapons and organs."

21 Tumblr Posts About Masturbation That Will Get You Every Time

*not horny but masturbates just in case*

18 Struggles Of People Who Simply Cannot With Actual Clothing

Spanx? More like NO THANX.

17 Hilarious Confessions From People Who Attempted To Twerk

"I was twerking so hard while making dinner I threw mushrooms all over my kitchen."

12 Charts That Are Way Too Real For People Who Love Food

*orders pizza immediately after reading this*

11 Ways Pizza Is Way More Reliable Than Your Best Friend

We all love our BFFs, but it's time to be honest: Newman's Own is ALWAYS there for you, and unlike your best friend, it's ready in 10 minutes!

Here's What The Stars Of "Casper" Look Like Today

Get an afterlife!

22 Dogs Extremely Confused By Cats

"Will you please tell me why this thing is in my house shouting about 'squatter's rights'??"

17 Cats Enjoying The Finer Things

Obviously cats are the leaders of taste and class.

23 Things Cats Don't Give A Shit About

Personal space? The right to pee without a furry friend joining you? Absolutely not.

18 Times Kelly Kapoor Perfectly Captured The Struggle That Is Life

"It's like my life is buffering."

Someone Made An Exact Replica Of Andy’s Room From “Toy Story” And It Will Blow Your Mind

Talk about dedicated Disney fans!<p>View this post on Facebook

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Being human is so passé. Just Saiyan.

A Pizza's Guide To Being Totally Irresistible

Pizza knows best.

17 Cats Who Are Clearly Just Lions

King of the house jungle.

Chicago Has Just Been Blessed With Two Rare Snow Leopard Cubs

There are only an estimated 4,000 to 6,500 of the elusive cats remaining in the wild.<p>On Friday, the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago announced the births of two rare snow leopards.<p>The sister cubs were born on June 16 to their 4-year-old mother, Sarani, and currently weigh about 10 pounds each, according …

21 Things Every Woman Who Likes A Drink Will Understand

"You drink like a man". "I think you mean I drink like a fish."

Biologists Are Tweeting Photos Of Animal Genitalia With The Hashtag #JunkOff


Check Out This Baby Elephant Meeting Mud For The First Time

Welcome to the world, baby Nandita!

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Every day is Wine Wednesday if you want it to be.

13 Texts Socially Anxious People Send Vs. What They Mean

Traffic isn't terrible, I JUST CAN'T GET MYSELF TO LEAVE.

Text Messaging

17 Crippling Struggles Every Allergy Sufferer Knows To Be True

Why does my body hate me?

19 Times Mushu Was The Greatest Character In "Mulan"

"Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!"

15 Animal Mating Rituals That Fail In The Human Dating World

Things get weird.<p>During mating season, female walruses sit on an iceberg while the males entertain them in the water.<p>When attracting a female, male hippos will urinate and defecate, using their tails to whip it around and spray the females.<p>During or after mating, the female praying mantis will bite …


15 Weird And Wonderful London Cocktails You Have To Try Before You Die

We'll toast to that...but you drink first!