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The Planet-Saving, Capitalism-Subverting, Surprisingly Lucrative Investment Secrets of Al Gore

The former vice president has led his firm to financial success. But what he really wants to do is create a whole new version of capitalism.<p>“When i left the White House in 2001, I really didn’t know what I was going to do with my life,” Al Gore told me this summer, at his office in the Green Hills …


How the Rocky Fire looks from space

New pictures captured by a NASA satellite camera shows just how large the Rocky Fire, which has been called insane and unlike anything seen before by firefighters, really is.<p>More than 3,400 firefighters are battling the enormous blaze, which has grown to more than 68,000 acres in the past week in …

Associated Press News

NASA photographer grabs rare shot of space station in front of moon

The International Space Station once again steps into the moonlight in an extraordinary photo. See if you can spot it.<p>Look. Up in the sky. It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's not Superman. It's the International Space Station in front of the moon. Senior NASA photographer Bill Ingalls is the …

Astronomers catch a galaxy being born, fed by a strand of cosmic web

It's not every day scientists get to watch a galaxy being born. But thanks in part to the bright light of a quasar, astronomers say they've identified a swirling disk of gas that's a galaxy in the making — as well as the strand of the universe's cosmic web that's been feeding it.<p>The protogalactic …

70 Years Since the Dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan


Curiosity has been on Mars for 3 years, and all we got were these awesome photos

NASA's Curiosity rover has been exploring the surface of Mars since it landed on the red planet three years ago.<p>Since then, Curiosity has beamed home …

Planetary Habitability

Here's What the Statue of Liberty Looked Like in the 1800s

Transporting the Statue of Liberty from Paris to its permanent home in New York City was quite the task. The entire statue was built in parts and …

Satellite 1 million miles away captures moon passing over Earth

A new satellite keeping tabs on Earth from space captured an incredible animation of the moon passing across the face of the sunlit side of the …

U.S. Air Force

Securities and Exchange Commission votes 3-2 to institute provision of Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform act from 2017 but expects pushback from businesses<p>Publicly traded companies will have to disclose the pay ratios of their CEOs and the median pay of their workforce thanks to a split vote by the US …

Chamber of Commerce

How I Shoot: Capturing Portraits of Friends with @wesleytaylor

For Instagrammer Wesley Taylor (@wesleytaylor), every portrait is an opportunity to connect more deeply with a friend. “I enjoy shooting portraits …

Ex-Graffiti Artist Cuts Paper Into Delicate Art

“Paper is a noble material,” says Aurel Rubbish, a former electronic musician and graffiti artist. For the past four years, this 33-year-old Frenchman has dedicated himself to the delicate art of paper-cutting. Inspired by street art, tattoo design and the American Pop Surrealism movement, Rubbish …

Four dead, one rescued after boat capsizes off Northern California

A crabbing expedition turned tragic Saturday morning when a boat capsized off Northern California, killing four people, a Sheriff's Office spokeswoman said. A fifth person was able to cling to a rock and was rescued,<p>The sole survivor, 66-year-old Phillip Sanchez, told authorities that he and the …

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5 Things That Make Your Home Look Messier Than It Is

Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 Reasons to Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S5

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