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Navigating the risks, practicalities and opportunities of AI

Originally written by Nick Ismail on Information AgeThe emergence of many artificial intelligence (AI) innovations are now ripe for the picking, and …

4 Misconceptions about Robotic Process Automation


5 Factors to Choosing the Right Business Processes to Automate

Small Business

RPA Quick Guidebook

Insurers who dive into AI will be in industry-leading position

Robotics, chatbots, artificial and cognitive intelligence – welcome to the future of insurance.<p>Insurers and brokers are already using these …

Shop Direct Contributes 328,000 People Hours Per Year Back to the Business: RPA Success at One of U.K’s Largest Digital Retailers

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) success at one of U.K’s largest digital retailers includes 328,000 people hours per year back to the business.


RPA's Impact on the Utilities Industry

RPA is certainly an innovation worthy of investment, especially for utilities companies looking to boost their core business.


Agile Approach to implement RPA

As an Agile Evangelist I firmly believe that RPA software is almost ideal candidate to implementing it using Agile approach.<p>In this small article I …

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Fire and security company

Transformation<p><b>Step One</b><p>IBM engaged the client in an automation workshop to identify challenges and brainstorm solutions. The proposed solution …


Using Agile to build a RPA Center of Excellence at scale

June 1, 2017 | Written by: Cinthia Murillo<p>Categorized: Automation<p>Share this post:<p><b>Key Points:</b><p>The fast-paced nature of robotic process automation (RPA) …

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Three factors for RPA implementation success

Blog<p>Three factors for RPA implementation success<p>Explore<p>Sanjay Srivastava<p>Chief Digital Officer<p><b>October 16, 2017 -</b> Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find …


Robots uncaged

​We’ve long seen robots in industry, handling repetitive tasks and heavy machinery. But new technologies are moving robots out of the warehouse and …

Is RPA the Tool of Old Plant Managers Who Haven’t Died Yet?

The early 20th century provides the perfect context for my question. Right up to the electric-powered revolution, energy was often generated using …


Compliance Requirements for Enterprise Automation

The main challenges facing compliance professionals in today’s world are based on the pace of change and level of uncertainty we are experiencing.