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Steve Bannon

I Was a Muslim in Trump's White House

When President Obama left, I stayed on at the National Security Council in order to serve my country. I lasted eight days.<p>In 2011, I was hired, straight out of college, to work at the White House and eventually the National Security Council. My job there was to promote and protect the best of what …

Donald Trump
Garrison Keillor

Donald Trump gets tough on refugees

IT BECAME fashionable during the election campaign to say Donald Trump should be taken “seriously not literally”. Try telling that to the hundreds of …

Climate Scientists Launch Brainy Attack On Inaccurate News

Climate scientists have volunteered by the dozens to review the accuracy of stories about climate change. Now they’re collaborating with computer experts to develop ways to scan the internet for fake and misleading stories about climate.<p>“The concept is to try to bring the scientists to have a voice …

Climate Change

China's gamble for global supremacy in era of Trump

<b>At his inauguration last week President Trump reframed the American mission from leadership of a global rules-based system in the interests of all, to 'America first'. Meanwhile the leader of Communist China rebranded his prickly protectionist power as the defender of globalisation and shared</b> …

A Hilarious Parody That Welcomes Donald Trump to the Netherlands Using His Own Style of Speaking

In the spirit of diplomacy, the Dutch talk show <i>Zondag Met Lubach</i>, host Arjen Lubach wanted to introduce the 45th President of the United States to …

Donald Trump

Your cheat sheet to Asia’s big elections (sometimes “selections”) in 2017

It’s easy to forget that 2016—a year dominated by Donald Trump’s election victory, Brexit, and tragic terrorist attacks in Europe—was a time of seismic importance for Asia as well. Not unlike other parts of the world, political instability and authoritarianism remained on the rise, especially in …

Hong Kong

The manufacturing jobs delusion

INDUSTRIAL policy via Twitter is a new development in economics but we may all have to get used to it over the next four (or eight) years. Donald …

The Canada experiment: is this the world's first 'postnational' country?

When Justin Trudeau said ‘there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada’, he was articulating a uniquely Canadian philosophy that some find bewildering, even reckless – but could represent a radical new model of nationhood<p>As 2017 begins, Canada may be the last immigrant nation left standing. …


Obama: Reaching Out to Adversaries, Alienating Allies

The president has tried to tell friends hard truths. What if those friends don’t listen?<p>As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised to embrace America’s allies and extend a hand to its adversaries. As president, he has made remarkable progress in engaging longtime foes, restoring relations …

Can markets be too free?

<i>To mark the publication of “Go Figure”, a collection of</i> The Economist<i>’s explainers and daily charts, the editors of this blog solicited ideas on</i> …


World War Three, by Mistake

Harsh political rhetoric, combined with the vulnerability of the nuclear command-and-control system, has made the risk of global catastrophe greater than ever.<p>On June 3, 1980, at about two-thirty in the morning, computers at the National Military Command Center, beneath the Pentagon, at the …

Hundreds of churches offer sanctuary to undocumented migrants after election

Growing number of synagogues as well as two dozen cities offer protection amid threat of deportation under Trump administration<p>Hundreds of churches in the US have said they are willing to provide sanctuary for undocumented migrants threatened with deportation following the election of Donald Trump …


LORD TURNER: 'We may be at a turning point in the nature of capitalism'

In an interview with Business Insider, Lord Turner said: "We have an economic malaise where the capitalism system is not delivering as well or to enough people to maintain its legitimacy.<p>"There's a certain sort of equality of citizenship that requires that everybody does OK. I think that may …


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Democrats raised $13,000 to reopen a firebombed local Republican headquarters in 40 minutes

After the apparent vandalizing and firebombing of a local Republican party headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina, a GoFundMe page called "Dems help reopen a NC Repub office" raised $13,117, more than its stated $10,000 goal, within just 40 minutes.<p>The Republican office in Hillsborough was …

Hillary Clinton

I'm never complaining about sports TV talk shows again.

New Zealand's ONLY Mens Lifestyle Magazine

MEET THE MAKER – David Alexander Flinn<p><i>YSL talks to him about what motivates, challenges and inspires him in his pursuit of fulfilment.</i><p>Read Past Issues

The Political Magic of C.S. Lewis

WHEN I was on Christmas break from college in 1980, I wrote a letter to the editor of my hometown newspaper, The Tri-City Herald. It was published soon after I began to embrace Christianity, a gradual rather than a dramatic process that didn’t come all that easily.<p>The letter was a response to a man …

C.S. Lewis

This 1 piece of crucial English speaking advice is sending the internet wild

LONDON — When you're speaking in your first language, some things are so automatic that you don't even realise how damn complicated they really …


Donald Trump is the 'preferred candidate' of ISIS, experts warn

Foreign Affairs analyzed ISIS' online channels and interviewed a dozen supporters and defectors to reach its conclusion.<p>The magazine found that "jihadists are rooting for a Trump presidency because they believe that he will lead the United States on a path to self-destruction."<p>Malcolm Nance, a …

Donald Trump

Life got better for pretty much everyone under Obama, Gallup poll finds

How Americans feel about the state of their lives have improved markedly in the eight years since Barack Obama was elected president, according to Gallup data released Tuesday.<p>In 2008, fewer than half of Americans said their life was good enough to be considered "thriving," according to Gallup. But …

Barack Obama