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Russia’s Stalinist Diplospeak

A Russian linguist closely examines how the Russian Foreign Ministry’s communication has resurrected the creepy old Soviet style.<p>Russian is a tough …


Passenger tries to light fire during plane flight in China

Man was restrained by passengers and crew members of Shenzhen Airlines flight and taken into custody, the aviation authority said<p>A man attempted to set a fire on board a Chinese flight early on Sunday, but was restrained by passengers and crew and taken into custody, the aviation authority said.<p>It …


Kurds 'gain ground in Syria's Hasakeh' in IS fightback

Beirut (AFP) - Kurdish militia have expanded their control over portions of a major Syrian city in their fightback against the Islamic State group, …

Middle East

What are your rights during a traffic stop -- and is it wise to exercise them?

<b>(CNN) —</b> No one can know what went through Sandra Bland's mind when she was pulled over last week for what a Texas police officer later said was her failure to signal a lane change.<p>Chances are, it couldn't have been good. Most people feel at least some anxiety when they see those flashing lights …


Scientists Make the First New Lager Yeasts in Centuries

Lagers are boring. When you pop a can of lager beer, you taste the product of closely related strains of <i>Saccharomyces pastorianus</i>. Their genetic …


UK satellite Twinkle will boost search for Earth-like exoplanets

NASA’s recent discovery of 12 more exoplanets, including the most Earth-like yet, brings the number of exoplanets – those outside our solar system – …


Why is life left-handed? The answer is in the stars

While most humans are right-handed, our proteins are made up of lefty molecules. In the same way your left and right hands mirror one another, …

Soaring global temperatures sees hottest June across the world since records began

Latest figures show that 2015 likely to be the earth's hottest year on record with temperatures rising at an unprecedented rate<p>The first six months of the year have been the hottest since global temperature records were compiled 136 years ago.<p>According to a new report compiled by the US …

Global Warming

Fossil Fuels Must Be Phased Out to Avoid Drowned Coastlines

New research suggests rising oceans could swamp the world’s coasts by the end of the century—sooner than previously anticipated

Fossil Fuels

Preparing to build ESA’s Jupiter mission

Airbus Defence & Space in France has been selected as the prime industrial contractor for ESA’s Juice mission to Jupiter and its icy moons.<p>The …

Climate change is making your flights slightly longer, and creating more climate change

If your long-haul flights are feeling even more endless than they used to, it may not be your imagination. As climate change alters wind patterns, it’s taking a little bit of extra time for commercial flights to cross the Pacific Ocean, a new study has found.<p>The study published in Nature Climate …

Climate Change

10 Images Show What Coastal Cities Will Look Like After Sea-Levels Rise

Sea-level rise is coming. Even if we keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above historic norms—the benchmark for avoiding …

Climate Change

Significant development in the understanding of macroscopic quantum behavior

For the first time, the wavelike behaviour of a room-temperature polariton condensate has been demonstrated in the laboratory on a macroscopic length …


Former GOP congressman sentenced to 8 months in prison for tax evasion

The sentencing in Brooklyn before US District Judge Pamela Chen follows Grimm's guilty plea late last year to aiding in filing a false tax return — a charge that stemmed from an investigation into the Staten Island Republican's campaign financing.<p>The defense had asked the judge to spare him a …


Pastor Encourages Christians to Fight Same-Sex Marriage Ruling With Guns

Christian evangelist and social media personality Joshua Feuerstein is taking aim at marriage equality — literally.<p>Feuerstein ended a recent video …

Myrtle Beach

Dick Cheney descends further into self-parody, hints Iran deal will trigger nuclear war

Ex-veep: Deal leaves us closer to “use of nuclear weapons than we’ve been at any time since Hiroshima and Nagasaki”<p>Former Vice President Dick Cheney reacted to the Iranian nuclear deal with his usual doom and gloom on Tuesday, claiming that the deal brings the world the closest to using a nuclear …

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