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first stop on our scouting list today! https://t.co/IOmkSwNxL7

Come Check Us Out Today, We Will Be Here From 4:30-7:30!y https://t.co/mbLuzGzze7

Samuel on Twitter: "Love for Kaffa Cafe! A diverse spot in the community! Town Hall at South Shore coming soon!… "

Got to meet the wonderful people running the Union Store. Look forward to seeing them at the town meeting. https://t.co/bH1BAkccyo

Scouting at Rose Street for the RBAC Corner Greeters https://t.co/V05oHiP9FW

Scouted some businesses before scouting as an squad but in group of 3s. https://t.co/MWGSBn6TeA

Out here at the Star Nail spa with the squad #facts https://t.co/7CcoswVmEn

Scouted the Hamarweyne International Shopping Center managed to talk to 4 businesses. https://t.co/ZhugWTGOue

Our first business we went to scouting for Safeway Corner Greeter, they were kind to listen to we youth have to say. https://t.co/uvZw4aEfr5

We the youth revisited Seattle Best Cleaners, they listen to us what we have to say about the CG coming next Friday. https://t.co/K81lSN5OvL

After scouted Seattle's Best Cleaner we went to Maya's, Giorginas Pizza & VIP Cuts, to let them know the upcoming CG https://t.co/byvAKOxvc5

Revisited living colors & HK seafood restaurant to inform them, next friday CG & ask them how could we support them. https://t.co/IG4xfATBoH

Corner Greeter Corner at the farm hub #farmhubtour https://t.co/XS4e8gFUv7

Live meal worms for chicken's 🐔 at the farm hub #farmhubtour https://t.co/VMvraxyAKk

Wow Chocolate Factor in the farm hub #farmhubtour https://t.co/2QPxqTE75j

Free Food For All at the farm hub #farmhubtour https://t.co/ADQbdTvY9x