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NASA's Mars Trek is Google Earth for the red planet

Yes, Google Earth and Street View are great for impromptu armchair traveling. But if you prefer taking a virtual jaunt somewhere literally out of this world, you might want to visit NASA's Mars Trek website instead. It's exactly what its name makes it sound like: an interactive map of the red …

NASA probe set to make history at Pluto

<b>(CNN) —</b> It's traveled more than 3.6 billion miles to get there, and it will only stay a few hours, but a small space probe is expected to revolutionize the way we look at Pluto.<p>NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will be within 6,200 miles (9,978 kilometers) of Pluto's surface at 7:49 a.m. ET on July …

The meanings are embedded in the mind of beholder. The art expresses higher intuition to invoke questions of existence.

This image is telling the story of universe. This state of painting is almost stable or one can safely say it is much stabler than it was well before creation. Before creation of this image there matter in different and in multiple forms. Few forms which can be termed as absolute were Liquids and a solid white canvas. All the other elements like dust, water and fire was put to an abstract composition. Dont worry about fire, i used fire of passion instead of borrowing anything from external source. It was the time when i invoked the the laws of universe to tell us the story of universe. There came a stage during creation which was mere a black canvas giving no glimpse of any white. It was the sticky liquid with rich black night and there was little and feeble hope of survival of canvas, then i came to rescue the world and took my first leap of faith and peeled it off. Yes, that's what i knew and i found a perspective where 7 wooden planks are fading deep in the heart of universe. I found each white dot as the original white canvas presenting here as great wheel of time trapped in little countless horizons where gravity is profoundly weak to hide the colossal spin of universe. The fading of woods beyond visible stars can be felt to understand the complex nature of dimensions in space. The time is still counting and this is evolving day by day. It is now the story of a different perspective which is organic and simple. This is the image of Universe 2013/1 in which there is a message of miniature of known universe. The process of peel off gave birth to peelism which is now granting freedom of imagination. The buyer of this painting will enjoy the convertible equity in PEELISM.

Simple Reminders

The Jupiter and Venus are right in Leo house. Lion takes Venus as his dustbin and appoints Jupiter as his organic cylinder.

Nasa finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars

A huge primitive ocean covered one-fifth of the red planet’s surface, making it warm, wet and ideal for alien life to gain a foothold, scientists say<p>A massive ancient ocean once covered nearly half of the northern hemisphere of Mars making the planet a more promising place for alien life to have …

Global Warming

Will we ever understand the beginning of the universe? – Ross Andersen

One crisp day last March, Harvard professor John Kovac walked out of his office and into a taxicab that whisked him across town, to a building on the …


Don't Cry Over Spilled Coffee, Use It To Draw Monsters!

Sometimes all you need to create a great piece of art is a jumping off point, some sort of inspiration to get those creative wheels turning.<p>Many …

Greek referendum result: what happens next?

A flurry of eurozone meetings are set to go ahead in Athens, Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt, but Greek exit contingency plans will also be discussed in the UK<p>The Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, will hold an emergency meeting with the bosses of the local banks on Sunday night. He has said …