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Old Design Patterns in Scala

A Design Pattern is something you do over and over when building software, but isn't concrete enough to be made into a helper method, class or other …

Boolean Blindness

I hate Booleans! But isn’t everything “just bits”? Aren’t computers built from gates? And aren’t gates just the logical connectives? How can a …

It Ain’t Necessarily So — Chris Ford

Music as code! Despite the cryptic title this talk should be great! Here are some questions Chris often gets 🙂<p>Can I try this myself? -> Yes! All …


Learn Scratch in 10 Minutes on Scratch

<b>Instructions</b><p>This is a little tutorial I made in 2 days.<br>It will guide you through scratch and help you learn the basics<br>in just 10 minutes!<p>Press the …


PS Unscripted - Comonads for UIs


RubyConf 2016 - Ruby versus the Titans of FP by Cassandra Cruz


Clojure in Sheffield: Sky Betting and Gaming

Ostensibly Clojure is a practical language<p>International Betting<p>Sky Betting and Gaming is a gambling company that is entirely online. They run a UK …

Lisp and Haskell

How I finally decided what is better (for me), Lisp or Haskell?


Why IO?

The ZIO library provides a general-purpose effect monad and associated abstractions for purely functional Scala applications.<p>The package strives to …


How to take 7 years to ship a beta.

It’s been almost 7 years since I quit my last job. Back in 2011 I was a freshly baked postgraduate in Melbourne. I was entering my 30's and the indie …

Game Development

Interview with Jesper Louis Andersen about Erlang, Haskell, OCaml, Go, Idris, the JVM, software and…

<b>Your reply to the picture that is below was:</b><p>The typical applications I write in Erlang have 3–4 functions above it in the call stack<p><b>Modern</b> …

Do-It-Yourself Functional Reactive Programming | Curry On Amsterdam! 2018

Do-It-Yourself Functional Reactive Programming<p>Manuel Chakravarty<p>Applicative & Tweag I/O<p>Abstract<p>Swift’s strong functional programming support leads to …


Peer to Peer Cloud Computing

Current cloud services and traditional Web sites like Amazon or Azure or Google or Facebook all are centralized from the management point of view and …

Can someone explain to me the benefits of IO? : scala Rob Norris, Functional Programming with Effects

Functional Programming

Why free monads matter

Interpreters<p>Good programmers decompose data from the interpreter that processes that data. Compilers exemplify this approach, where they will …

Speccing Functions

I started using clojure.spec’s fdef for speccing functions recently. The short version: it’s super fun and mind-blowingly useful.<p>Things I …


Principled error handling by Luka Jacobowitz at Scalapeno 2018

<b>We hope you're enjoying your weekend! Here is another great talk from Scalapeno 2018. This talk is from Luka Jacobowitz on Principled error handling</b> …


Design, Composition, and Performance

Bio<p>Rich Hickey, the author of Clojure and designer of Datomic, is a software designer with over 25 years of experience in various domains. Rich has …


Can someone explain to me the benefits of IO? : scala

DroidJam India '18 Arrow and functional programming for Kotlin developers

In this talk, I’ll be describing Functional Programming in Kotlin, and Arrow library for Android Developers, taking some extracts from my book …


A years-old, one-letter typo led to Aliens: Colonial Marines’ weird AI

Mod team found it last year; wider discovery thanks to Gearbox game's latest $3 sale.<p>History may never be kind to <i>Aliens: Colonial Marines</i>, but the …

Positive Thinking

Moving on to play another day Matt & Jonesy break down tonight's thrilling elimination win.


Namaste 🙏🏽 #SkillsSummer18 E5 - ft @delonwright

Nike Crown League providing network for Canadian ballers

Summer's arrival coincides with basketball's off-season, but for many current and aspiring pros, the grind truly never stops.<p>For the past three …


Wimbledon final preview: Serena and Angie, again

After a volatile first week that saw nine of the top 10 seeds fall, the back half of the Wimbledon women's draw has played out more or less as …


Unseen Hours EP 10: Embiid, Bamba & Tatum Play 1 on 1, Markelle Fultz’s Shot Transformation

Joel Embiid: “My ball.”<br>Jayson Tatum: “How? I beat you in the playoffs?”That’s one of the great moments from Episode 10 of Pure Sweat’s online series</b> …

Markelle Fultz

Serena Williams’s Extraordinary Wimbledon and Ordinary Motherhood

I first saw a breast pump when one arrived in the mail, courtesy of Obamacare, a few weeks after I gave birth to my daughter. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the awkwardness of the contraption was jarring: the bottles shaped like bullhorns, the tubes like tethers, the rhythmic gasping and …


Greg Wilson - What We Actually Know About Software Development, and Why We Believe It's True