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11 Best TED Talks For When You Feel Burnt Out

The signs are all there: you feel depressed, anxious, and detached; you keep getting head and back aches; your job performance and relationships are …

Stefan Sagmeister

This 100-Year-Old To-Do List Method Promises Maximum Productivity

When you’re writing your to-do list, it’s tempting to write down all the tasks you might <i>possibly</i> get done the following day. But where do you even …

Time Management

If You're Sick of Your Own Procrastinating BS, You Need to Read This

Is procrastination the name of your game? I feel you. I'm not sure what it about us humans, but when there's an unpleasant or tedious task at hand, I …


How Do You Stop A Panic Attack From Happening? Here’s How To Keep Yourself Grounded, According To Experts

Panic attacks can throw you for a loop (quite literally — they can make you dizzy), especially if you feel one coming on at school, at work, on a …

Northwestern University

Listen: How trees boost our health and happiness - Futurity

In this podcast episode, hear how adding more trees to a city changed its residents.


13 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Said 1 Thing Made All the Difference in His Life

A short passage from a Steve Jobs commencement address teaches an important lesson.<p>Steve Jobs was famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) for his "reality distortion field," his ability to make other people believe the seemingly impossible was actually possible.<p>But the first person he …


There's a psychological reason you keep making terrible decisions

There I was, looking at an enormous wall of television screens. Each one flashed the exact same scene  —  a beautiful flower slowly blooming to reveal each petal, pistil, and stamen in exquisite super high definition detail. It was downright sexy. But now it was time to make my choice.<p>Would I buy …


How to stop procrastinating using the Zeigarnik Effect

Have you got a project that’s forever lingering on your to-do list? Us too.<p>With so much on our plates it can be hard to find the time to make a start …


7 tips to keep your brain as sharp as your body

When it comes to our hearts, even the non-medical types among us pretty much know what we need to be doing. In a nutshell: exercising and eating right.<p>But when it comes to our brains, guidelines tend to be foggier. Besides, we figure, since we’re probably as smart as we’ll ever be, what can we …

The Brain

You may be a genius if you can answer these 12 science trivia questions people always get wrong

Mount Everest

The Ways Gratitude Can Also Make You Physically Healthier

Some research suggests that grateful people may have better sleep, healthier hearts, and fewer aches and pains.


6 Simple Habits That Are Scientifically Proven to Make You Happier

Very small changes can have a very big effect on your emotional outlook.<p>There's a lot to be said for being happy. It makes you better at your job, healthier, likelier to have good relationships, and can even extend your life. Plus, if you've tried being both happy and unhappy then you already know …


Newly Discovered "Super-Deep Diamond" Reveals a Rare Earth Mineral Inside

"It's what most natural scientists dream about."<p>The Cullinan mine, located on a diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe in the Gauteng province of South …

Earth Science

The Best Time of Day to Drink Coffee, According to Science

To get full health benefits and optimum buzz, don't drink your first cup first thing in the morning.<p>As anyone who's been reading this column knows, there's substantial scientific evidence that coffee is incredibly good for your health and extends your life. According to a meta-analysis of 127 …


8 Life Lessons From 8 Good Books That Everyone Should Read

These inspirational books can change your life if you let them.<p>CEO and Co-Founder of Impact Theory<p>Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>Humans are adaptation machines. We are literally designed to adapt to our environment and the stresses that it places on us (both physical …


Why are we more likely to get sick if we are cold?

Bundle up! Our cells' ability to fend off infection is suppressed when they are below body temperature.<p>It’s partly because everyone stays indoors …


51 Motivational Quotes to Inspire Willpower, Determination and Success

Success requires inspiration... and determination.<p>Every successful person I know has willpower, determination, and drive. They may not be smarter than everyone else. They may not be more talented, more skilled, or more experienced.<p>But what they do have is the willingness to persevere. Here are 51 …


Research suggests positive attitude may be secret to long life

Research already suggests a healthy diet and physical activity may lead to a longer life — but now new data reveals certain character traits might …


5 Inspiring Books That Are Transforming My Life and Business

The news was horrifying.<p>There had been a mass shooting.<p>Then another story broke.<p>Some madman with his fingers on a big red button with megalomania …


So You're Smart, But You're Not Rich? This Eye-Opening New Scientific Study Tells You Why

Could there be a reason? Yes, it seems there could.<p><i>Absurdly Driven</i> <i>looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.</i><p>Don't you look at rich people and find too many of them, well, dull?<p>Don't you listen to rich people and think: "What have they got that I …

Mark Zuckerberg
Arianna Huffington

Here's How Resilient People Avoid Taking Things Personally

Next time you're feeling hurt or angry, this is what to do.<p>"It's not personal. It's just business." How many times have you heard those words when you were smarting over a job you didn't get or a pitch that got rejected, or a professional setback or slight? And how often have you found them …


The Powerful Happiness Lesson You Can Learn From Bronze Medalists

Bronze medalists are often happier than silver medalists. The reason why is a happiness lesson for all of us.<p>If you've been watching the Winter Olympics at all, you know the medal podium is an emotional place. There is triumph and joy, but there are also tears and envy. What sets happy champions …


3 Behavioral Science Tricks That Companies Use To Get You To Buy More

Have you ever wondered why you buy much more than you intended when you go shopping? The reason could be related to how brands use science to influence consumer purchasing behavior.<p>Brands frequently use behavioral science to understand their customers, get them ‘hooked’ on their products, and …

Daniel Kahneman

7 Real-Life Business Lessons You Can Learn From Billionaires

The only variable you really control is how hard you work.<p>Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>The “three-comma club” consists of those in industry, art and commerce who have achieved the exclusive honor of reaching a net worth of more than one billion dollars. From …

Bill Gates

19 tiny habits that will have a big impact on your personal happiness

Success doesn't happen in an instant. It happens through the progression of lots of little successes, strung together over time.<p>If you want to build something big, if you have a vision, a dream, or even just a clearly defined end goal, the question is not how you can make that happen right now, or …


4 ways to help get over career bitterness

When disappointments inevitably happen at work, we can make the mistake of letting that emotion fester into bitterness. Instead of processing our …


A 40-Year-Study Found That Kids Who Do This Are More Likely to Earn the Most Money When They Grow Up

Even researchers were surprised to learn which kids grew up to earn the most money.<p>Imagine you are asked to look at a sixth-grade class and predict which students will earn the highest income as adults. Which kids would you choose?<p>Do you go for the studious kids? The shy kids who are eager to …


Want to Live Longer? A Neuroscientist Says These Surprising Daily Habits Make It Much More Likely

'I have no explanation for it,' said the lead researcher. But she's certain it works.<p>If you want to live long and prosper, step one is to make sure you "live long."<p>We've seen recently that drinking lots of coffee makes a long life more likely. (Also, never smoke.)<p>But now, stunning new research …

The Brain

Is Your Workplace Toxic? Here's How to Avoid Being Part of the Problem

Shift your negative energy by seeing what's possible.<p>Last week, I was invited to do a Facebook Live session. Arriving at the studio I felt a bit intimidated with all the cameras and lights and action of a live set. The purpose of the session was to promote my new book called <i>Match In The Root</i> …