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Short a Sound Words | Free Partner Game

CVC Word List and Free Spelling Dictionary

What are CVC Words?<p>CVC words follow the pattern <i>Consonant-Vowel-Consonant</i>. These simple words are a great start for kindergarten children to practice …

Language Learning

35 Classroom Procedures and Routines

It is not just important that the children follow procedures, it is also important that the children understand the reasons why these procedures are …


The am Word Family | Hands-on Pack

<b>SKILLS OVERVIEW</b><p><b>Reading Skills.</b> Students will complete different reading activities. With reading cards, students will identify the short a medial …


Free Geometric Animals Activity | Color by Short a Sound

Here you will find five geometric farm animals worksheets: Color the cock, Color the pig, Color the rabbit, Color the cow, and Color the sheep. Each …

Farm Animals

Fun Fall Printables and Activities for Kids

The fall is here! It is time to wear sweaters, fuzzy socks and get a cup of hot chocolate! Below you will find fun and educational fall printables …

The at Word Family | Hands-on Pack

<b>SKILLS OVERVIEW</b><p><b>Reading.</b> Students will read the text arrange them in the sequencing order to present the frog life cycle.<p><b>Writing.</b> Students will write …


How to Teach Short a Words | 9 Practical Tips and Free Worksheets

The first step in teaching students to read is to learn the letter sounds. For some instance, learning vowels can become very tricky for kindergarten …


Short a Words | List and Free Printable Dictionary

Here a list of short a words divided by their family. It is intended to extend letter-sound understanding for kindergarten kids, as well develop an …


Creating an Effective Learning Environment

The days where teachers stood at the front of the classroom and the students copied down text off a blackboard or from a textbook are long gone. It …


Life Science | A Frog Life Cycle


Brazil for Kids | Unit Plan

<b>SKILLS OVERVIEW</b><p><b>Geography.</b> Students will use geographic tools to collect and interpret data. They will apply these skills to create legend, symbols, …


Brazil Culture | Team Research


Brazil Nature | Independent Research


10 Fabulous Letter A Books

This letter A books list includes not only the book overview but also gives you ideas how to use these books in your classroom. It provides ideas, …


Classroom Calendar for Teachers

Get organized! Keep your students and parents up to date with this classroom calendar. This calendar includes months from August 2017 to July 2018 …


Abstract and Concrete Nouns Partner Games

How to Teach Concrete and Abstract Nouns

<b>Tip #1.</b> <b>Use visuals.</b> Put wall cards for the references in an easy and reachable place where every student can see it. Pass small cards with …


Beginning Sounds Activities Wanted

How to Teach Kindergarten Sight Words

Photo: Kris Tan,<p>Learning sight words is an important building block of your child’s ability to read in kindergarten. So how to teach …

How to Teach Beginning Letter Sounds

Photo: Khomkrit Phonsai,<p>As kids become more familiar with letters and sounds, they can start to distinguish beginning letter sounds …

Vertical Addition and Subtraction Strategy

In second-grade when kids develop fluency in addition and subtraction two-digit and three-digit numbers. There are many strategies students can …


Free Dolch Pre Primer Words Activity Mats


Kindergarten Sight Word List

What are sight words? Sight words are frequently used words and many of them cannot be “sounded out.” Kids are expected to learn them by sight and …

Top 15 Gross Motor Activities for Kids


Key Factors of Gross Motor Development

Watching your child develop and grow right before your eyes is truly a remarkable and extraordinary experience. Every part of their day helps them to …


Free Printable Summer Checklist for Kids


FREE Traceable Alphabet

There are 26 tracing letters and 9 tracing numbers pages for your child’s practice. Each page covers both uppercase and lowercase letters to …


The Complete Guide to Summer Activities

Outdoor Summer Activities<p>It is always a great idea to go on a hike! Find a local trail or hill and walk the entire path. It is nice to just have …