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Top 10 Traits of an Empath

The trademark of an empath is that they feel and absorb other people's emotions and/or physical symptoms because of their high sensitivities. They filter the world through their intuition and have a difficult time intellectualizing their feelings.<p>As a psychiatrist and empath myself, I know the …

Does mental illness enhance creativity?

It’s widely held that it does – but what does the evidence say?<p>Everyone can cite famous people from Vincent Van Gogh and Virginia Woolf to Tony Hancock and Robin Williams, who were exceptionally creative and experienced mental health problems. There are so many examples that it seems obvious that …

Mental Health

This Is What It's Like To Be An Empath

Imagine being forced to feel what everyone around you is feeling just by looking at them.<p>* 15 Easy Things To Do To Help When You Feel Like Shit<p>* Here Are 31 Clever Tips To Make Life Feel A Little Easier<p>* 11 Things People With Anxiety Want You To Know

Goal Setting for Empaths

It is January 2016. A new year with new opportunities. Everyone is talking about resolutions and goal setting. Even more offer some kind of program around accomplishing your goals. This is all great and we know that goal-setting is an important part of success in life.<p>Yet, it does not work for me. …


law of attraction + numerology = breakthrough

What if I told you that you hold the universal power to anticipate life-altering encounters with strangers… tap into your unlimited abundance …

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These Are the 4 Skills You Need to Master to Be Happy

According to the latest science, you can learn to be happy, just like you can learn to play an instrument.<p>We generally think of happiness as either a matter of chance or circumstance. Some people are born with happy brains--they just naturally seem to see everything in a cheerful light. Others are …