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Little Kids And Their Big Dogs

I consider life to be truly remarkable when an event that started out as a coincidence, turns into destiny. At least that's what happened to photographer Andy Seliverstoff.<p>Andy has always had a passion and love for dogs, especially large breeds, and got his first dog, a Saint Bernard, over 25 years …

Great Dane


Little bit closer for Eternal

How lucky am I !

Sibirischer Uhu

Striking Photos Showcase the Elegant Beauty of Big Cats

Using only a simple, dark background, Vincent J. Musi captures the elegance of lions, leopards, tigers, and more. The South Carolina-based photographer works for National Geographic and shot these breathtaking images as part of a series titled <i>Big Cats</i>. His photos showcase incredible, up-close …

Pictures of the Week 8.14.14



Never shoot up your subject's nostrils

Bottom Up by Sam Alive

(via 500px / happy :-) by Dalia Fichmann) - earth


Bubbles (Elephant) and Bella (Dog). Best of Friends



red in golden barley

Pulsatilla tongkangensis

A wonderful butterfly..

Wonderful queen


Woman Saves Blind Kitten with 'Backwards' Legs and Turns Her Life Around

A tiny 5-week-old kitten was found on the highway unable to walk. When Carmen Bernard of Florida spotted her, the kitten's legs were twisted like a …

Cute Animals

Shelter Dog Frozen In Fear Won’t Turn From Wall, Then Vet Realizes How Badly She’s Been Abused

Ally is a born-and-bred Jersey Girl who studied English and Journalism at Rutgers University. In her free time, she spends too much money on food, …

Story of My Street Cat

FOREWORD<p>Staring into eyes of animals I couldn’t help feeling that we are equal creatures with the same soul inside.<p>Only difference lies in that …

Experience Over Matter: The Science Of Happiness

You just received a bonus and you want to reward yourself for all your hard work — What is the usual thought that comes to mind when considering what …

Human Rights

7 Halloween Decorations to Avoid If You Ever Hope to Sell Your House

As Halloween nears, strange things start creeping up in neighborhoods across the country. Zombies hang from trees, inflatable pumpkins pop up on lawns, and freakier-looking clowns start appearing in schoolyards and supermarkets (oh wait, that last part actually began way <i>before</i> Halloween).<p>It's …

Furious pet owner smacks vet with dead cat, breaks doctor's nose in fight (VIDEO)

A video has surfaced from the Russian Far East showing a cat owner who, angered by the death of his pet, returned to the clinic with friends and hit … Is For Sale