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Jazz Variations on the 'Harry Potter' Theme (Hedwig's Theme)

Jazz Variations on the ‘Harry Potter’ Theme (Hedwig’s Theme)<p>Great way to hear Harry Potter theme in Jazz. Thanks to PostmodernJukebox

Stephen Colbert, James Franco, and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe Sing 'It's the End of the World as We Know It'

en_US<p>article<p>Stephen Colbert, James Franco, and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe Sing a 2016 Edition of 'It's the End of the World as We Know …

Old Friends: A Tribute to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

There has been a bunch of great holiday videos from major companies this season and Macy’s “Old Friends” is no exception. This holiday video really …

Sainsbury's OFFICIAL Christmas advert 2016 -The Greatest Gift

Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas advert 2016 -The Greatest Gift<p>Great holiday video thanks to Sainsbury’s

Coming Home for Christmas | Heathrow Airport



I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM!!!<p>Get video about the issues with the modern american school system. Check out this video and see if you don’t agree …

Otto and Budweiser: First Shipment by Self-Driving Truck

This is simply amazing. As a kid this was something of Sci-fi but now it’s become reality. See this video about a self driving truck. Thanks to Wired.

Top 10 Dwight Quotes: as Voted for by the Fans // The Office US

Who’s your favorite from the office, well Dwight is high up on the charts. If you let that sort of thing. Check out the top Dwight quotes from the …

My Favorite Voices to Do | Melissa Villaseñor

Melissa Villasenor does some great impressions but you haven’t seen anything till you see the Owen Wilson. Wow. Check out this video. Thanks to …


10 Best Character Introductions of All Time

The first impression is very important, see 10 of cinemas best. Thanks to CineFix<p>Would you like to see more movies? check out movies.



Falling over like Dominoes is a thing right? Seeing a bunch fall down is pretty cool, but how about 15000 falling. Amazing!! Check out this video …

20 Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold

What were these companies thinking. It’s not easy being a kid and these toys don’t help. If you thought rock’em sock’em robots were dangerous think …

TOP 10 Amazing Micro-Robots

Check out this video about small robots. Robots are so small maybe robots took over already and we didn’t see them. Thanks to JD Rock<p>Like Robots …

iPhone 7 (parody)

Great video spoofing the launch of iPhone 7. Do you want an iPhone 7. Let us know. Thanks to jacksfilms<p>Want to buy an iPhone visit –

10 Hidden Subliminal Messages In Popular Songs


Casually Explained: Body Language

Great lesson to learn for understanding another person through body language. Thanks to Casually Explained

Body Language

Expedition Everest Ride - POV Disney's Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest front seat on-ride HD POV Disney’s Animal Kingdom<p>Love roller coasters put don’t really go on them, well no worries, this video is …

Walt Disney Company

10 Fantastic Board Games You Need To Play

Love to play board games, check out this video for some fun games you need to try. Thanks to WhatCulture.

Board Games

Tour The World's Largest Treehouse

Tour The World’s Largest Treehouse<p>Here someone takes his love of building treehouse’s to the extreme. This is the world’s largest treehouse. Thanks …

Road Cycling

Futurama - The Science of Comedy

Futurama – The Science of Comedy<p>A look at the show that brought humor and emotion into the sterile world of science and arithmetic. Thanks to …


Dave Chappelle - The True Stories Behind Rick James Skit

Dave Chappelle – The True Stories Behind Rick James Skit<p>For Honoring Eddie Murphy who got Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Dave tell us a …

Mark Twain

Dave Chappelle - Most Hilarious Interview Ever

Dave Chappelle – Most Hilarious Interview Ever<p>One of the greatest comedians in the business having one of the best interviews of his career. Thanks …

Game of Thrones: Auditions Compilation

The show we all love. He are the auditions that made everything possible. Thanks to Super Guitar Hero<p>Want to read the books that the show is based on …

Game of Thrones

The Funny Side of - Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones


The newest Disneyland in the world is Shanghai and it’s all the rage. Here is a video of Shanghai Disneyland during their first weekend of trial …

Why Are Brits So Obsessed with Tea?

Tea Time? It’s probably tea time somewhere and if you were in Britain the chances would be much higher. If you are interested in why the brits are so …

The First Time… Noel Gallagher on meeting Paul McCartney

Taken from the first in a new series of the BBC 6 Music programme The First Time with Matt Everitt… Noel Gallagher tells Matt about the rather …

Noel Gallagher

10 TV Shows Cancelled After One Episode

Not sure why, but we find it so fun to see shows that get canceled early, shows not making an entire season, but how about shows not making it …

Top 10 - Stadium Flyovers

Top 10 – Stadium Flyovers<p>Let’s take a look at the top ten stadium flyovers. Most are pregame flyovers. : ) These are awesome! You will be left …

Bryan Cranston's Super Sweet 60

Bryan Cranston’s Super Sweet 60<p>Get ready for the party of the year. Bryan Cranston’s turning 60 and everyone is going all out. Check out this video …