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Want to Raise Creative Kids? Science Says Do This With Their Toys (but Most Parents Are Afraid to)

No, it's not just "throw the toys out," like my dad once pretended to do<p>When I was little, my dad once got annoyed at my brother for not cleaning his room. So he took all the toys, announced he was donating them to the Salvation Army--and drove around with them in the trunk of his car for a few …


WATCH: Why Superman: The Animated Series is still the best Man of Steel adaptation to date

SYFY's new original series, <i>Krypton</i>, has already proven that there's a lot of life on Superman's homeworld, just in time for the Man of Steel's 80th …

Comic Books

Millennials are fleeing organized religion as Christian hypocrisy becomes impossible to ignore

I think we can safely say that President Donald Trump has changed American politics forever. He won the White House with no political experience, …


4 ways to make small talk without seeming awkward or boring

Public Speaking

Dunning-Kruger Effect: Why Incompetent People Think They Are Superior

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. …


Where Are All the Atheist Hospitals? Asks Catholic Who Never Did Any Research

Just because we don't slap Christopher Hitchens' name on them doesn't mean atheists don't build or manage hospitals.


It’s Over, Finished: The End of IDW’s Transformers

<b>[Header image by Alex Milne and Josh Perez]</b>2018 is shaping up to be a year of great change for comic book readers, with Marvel’s Fresh Start bidding …


Why I'm Giving Up on Understanding My Racist White Relative

A perfectly nice, 70-year-plus, elderly white man in a rural part of New England posts an alt-right-themed digital meme to his Facebook page, …

Donald Trump

The Real Reason Atheists Have Higher IQs

Is atheism a sign of intelligence?<p>Recent posts have proposed convoluted theories accounting for why atheists score higher on IQ tests than religious …


Secular Societies Fare Better Than Religious Societies

It is said over and over again by religious conservatives: without faith in God, society will fall apart. If we don't worship God, pray to God, and …


Here’s an Atheist and a Christian Just Being Normal Human People

It's almost like we all have the same hopes and fears on the inside. Deep.


Flat-Earther blasts off into California sky in home-made steam rocket

A self-taught rocket scientist has blasted himself high into the California sky using a steam-powered contraption he built in his garage, the first step in his long-term aim of proving the Earth is flat.<p>“Mad” Mike Hughes propelled himself 1,875 feet (571m) into the air above the vast Mojave desert …

Flat Earth

This is why our phones are making us miserable: happiness isn't the same thing as pleasure, and our brain knows it

People trying to sell you a new car, a fancy phone, or a bigger home might like you to believe that money can buy a whole lot of happiness. But your brain knows that's not true. Money can buy you pleasure, but happiness has to come from somewhere else.<p>If you're confused between happiness and …


More Knowledge, Less Belief in Religion?

A recent review of studies found that religious belief is inversely associated with intelligence. That is, more intelligent people are generally less …


Why Are Religious People (Generally) Less Intelligent?

Catching up on my Xmas readings, I dived into the recent meta-analysis on the negative correlation between IQ and religious beliefs, which, at least …


Christian Author: Atheists Are the Most “Ignorant and Dangerous People on Earth”

Anthony DeStefano's new anti-atheist book contains a lot of whining but no substance.


Idaho priest busted with massive trove of kiddie porn, allegedly had 'desires to rape and kill children'

A retired Idaho priest is facing more felony charges as prosecutors say he had 2,000 images and videos, including images that depicted the rape and …


Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses break silence on shunning: 'My mother treats me like I'm dead'

Amber Sawyer was just 8 years old when it happened.<p>She was watching cartoons on the living room floor of her Mississippi home when she heard the bang.<p>…


10 unmistakable habits of utterly authentic people

Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Wilde made it sound so simple, but living with authenticity is a real challenge.<p>To …


5 ways you can come off untrustworthy in less than 10 seconds

Knowing whom to trust is an important social and business skill. But it’s not that simple – although it is fast. It took me only seven seconds to …


A 20-Year-Old Gouged Out Her Own Eyes. Here’s What Makes People Do This

Last month, Kaylee Muthart blinded herself. While shocking, this is not the first time someone has removed their own eyes. We spoke to an expert about the history of eye-gouging and why it happens.<p>Muthart was high and wandering along a railroad track to her church, when she thought God was asking …

Scientists Have Established a Link Between Brain Damage and Religious Fundamentalism

A study published in the journal <i>Neuropsychologia</i> has shown that religious fundamentalism is, in part, the result of a functional impairment in a …

So, atheism is becoming a refuge for people who learned biology in kindergarten?

Some days I feel like I’ve spent one quarter of my life learning oversimplifications, and the remaining three quarters trying to encompass all the …

Living Among Them; Secrets from Trump Country

Black people are blamed for every evil in our world here in Trump country. This isn’t a one-off. This isn’t an emotional reaction to a few racist …


Bring on the Transformers reboot!

<i>Ricky Church looks forward to the Transformers reboot…</i><p><b>Transformers</b> is one of the oldest pop culture franchises and a beloved one for an entire …

Twitter just purged ‘Russian bots’, and Trump fans are crying as their followers vanish

Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the #MAGA brigade, as they howl in despair after half their Twitter followers vanished overnight.<p>The reason? …

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10 Cartoons That Aged Terribly (And 10 That Are Timeless)

The best part of being a kid in the ’80s and ’90s was after school and Saturday morning cartoons. Between Fox Kids, WB, ABC Kids and even UPN Kids, …

12 things successful people don't waste their money on

People have struck it rich by launching social media startups, inspiring wildly successful crowdfunding campaigns and writing wizard-themed best-selling books. But, most successful people have far more boring backstories of accumulating wealth through savvy spending and smart saving …

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