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The sound of light

In this webinar, we will get a brief overview of different colour to sound theories since Aristotle, explore the relationship between colour and …


Office segment - Part 3

Office segment - Part 2

Office segment - Part 1

Listen to the winners of CLUE Edition 03

Towards dynamic enviroments

Lighting design within media architectures - Philips Lighting

A digital revolution is beginning, and it’s taking place within the real space. We can see it manifesting in the form of media architectures that …


Maintaining lighting design during the building lifecycle

Color Kinetics: What is indirect lighting (technique)?


Standardized data for smart cities

Cities that sense and respond<p>Watch this webinar held on Jan 26, 2017 and learn about the tools we can use to visualize and interpret data from …

Maintaining the lighting design - Philips Lighting

Becoming a lighting designer - Philips Lighting

Long gone are the days when lighting meant: switching on a light bulb for illumination. The advances of the past decades have evolved the lighting …

Behavioral Sciences

See the light

Humans love light. From Paleolithic campfires to today’s smart LEDs, the story of our civilization is – quite literally – illuminated. So it is no …


Glare in outdoor sports

Science of lighting - Philips Lighting

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Home Automation

Creative lighting design - part 1 Form & Direction

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The biological process of natural selection is actually a series of trial-and-error experiments in which organisms evolve to have the form and …


Communicating the value of light

Good lighting is good for you. To those in the know – lighting designers, installers, architects, lighting researchers – this is a self-evident …


Future of lighting design role - Philips Lighting

This innovative series of discussion webinars has been set up in partnership with Luminous magazine and will feature interviews with leading thinkers …

Art Galleries

CLUE competition

Lighting up the supermarket experience (Part 1)


The cities we live in harbor a rich architectural diversity. Buildings and urban environments reflect a city’s history, a variety of styles and …


Philips Lighting organizes webinar on relevance of lighting for socio-economic development

Today, 19% of the world’s electricity is spent on lighting. LED lights can change this.


When mankind learned how to create fire, it was a paradigm shift in human survival, evolution and development. We could now cook our food and …

The primary purpose of artificial lighting of any kind is, quite literally, to shine a light in the dark. But the effect that lighting has on …


Office lighting: to The Edge and beyond (Part 1, Deloitte)

The Edge recordings

We are pushing the boundaries of lighting innovation with Power-over-Ethernet technology that allows luminaires to be hard-wired to a building’s data …