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Vinyl sales generate more revenue than free Spotify, Youtube, and VEVO combined

While the on-demand, ad-based, music services are generating more money than ever — $163 million in the first half this year as opposed to $128 million last — vinyl sales, at $222 million, have those numbers soundly beat.<p>The once-antiquated format now accounts for almost a third of physical music …

Elon Musk says humanity is currently running 'the dumbest experiment in history'

People are running "the dumbest experiment in history" by continuing to burn fossil fuels,Elon Musk said in an interview earlier this year with Wait …

Black Monday: Wall Street plummets 1000 points at opening bell

Breaking: Dow Jones drops more than 1,000 points at the open<p>— Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) 24 августа …

Stock Markets

Chinese internet companies are taking over the film industry

Some go further and predict that internet companies will take over the industry altogether.<p>"Filmmaking will be new media-oriented and characterized by the internet," said Feng Jun, a senior analyst with EntGroup, a leading research centre for China's entertainment industry.<p>"It is possible that all …


A Heath Ledger Documentary Reveals Chilling Details From His ‘Dark Knight’ Journal

A new teaser has arrived for a documentary about the last days of Heath Ledger. The doc, titled <i>Heath Ledger: Too Young To Die</i>, focuses upon excerpts from the actor’s diary on the set of <i>The Dark Knight</i>. Ledger passed away before the film’s release, and many believe his immersive take on The Joker …

Comic Books

This terrifying GIF shows how much Arctic ice has disappeared in the last 20 years

During his announcement of the most sweeping reform to fight climate change last week (August 2), US President Barack Obama mentioned how …

Global Warming

empaths and love: journey to your authentic self.


Juice Rap News - IndigenousX


An NSA Whistleblower's Guide to Encryption

National Security Agency (NSA)

Season 4 - Juice Rap News (2015-16)

Great Barrier Reef

IRONYGuard - Removes All The Painful Irony In Your News


ScarJo - Settlersdream (Sodastream Parody)


Chevron - Human entropy


SOMA!™ - "Life's Good Shut Up"


The Great Barrier Reef [Rap News Call Out]

Great Barrier Reef

IMMIGRANTS! Feat. Donald Trump & Tony Abbott [RAP NEWS 34]

Tony Abbott


<b>Exopheromone</b> is a term coined by Terence McKenna, proposed in his book <i>Food of the Gods</i> for the controversial idea of chemical signals between members …

She's Magic by NiCO LUMiNOUS - Listen to music

Thriftworks x Freddy Todd - Cabinets Don't Make Noise [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Freddy Todd - Listen to music

Whitebear- New Evolutionary Paradigm (Dub Re-Growth) by Whitebear - Listen to music

A Collision of Craniums by auma - Listen to music

Tom Cosm - Procession Of The Triumphant Kerdumbledorks by TomCosm - Listen to music

The Apocalypse by Flap! - Listen to music

Grouch - Right Lymph Node (Tom Cosm Left Lymph Node Remix) by TomCosm - Listen to music


The Four Owls - Life In The Balance by MastaRollah420 - Listen to music

still breathing ft. josh pan (prod. tülpa) by Young Lungs - Listen to music

Marc Maron

Marc Maron

ShifteQ - Ode to Blow (Bassnectar/Kyrian/Beatfox)