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75 Magically Hilarious "Harry Potter" Tweets Will Cast A Laughter Spell On You

"I'm not above yelling Harry Potter spells at you until you go away."

Social Media

18 Jokes You'll Get If You Watch Way Too Many Food Network Shows

"[Chopped voice] So I'm looking down into my basket and I'm thinking that I can't cook."

Bobby Flay

26 Jokes You Need To See If You Have A Brother

[Pulling brother's life support plug] *whispers in ear* "This is for that time you cheated at Monopoly."

Ryan Reynolds

60 Things Only People Born Between 1975-1985 Will Truly Get

Again, please don’t click on this post unless you lived through the ’80s.

David Bowie

10 “Notes to Self” We Need to Read 10 Times a Day Until They Sink In

<i>Happiness doesn’t start with a relationship, a vacation, a job, or money. It starts with our thinking and what you tell ourselves every day.</i>The best …


Here's A Definitive Ranking Of Every Harry Potter Professor

They can't all be McGonagall.


39 of the best secret categories on Netflix and how to find them

Netflix has an insane amount of content, but it's not always easy to find what you want.<p>The categories Netflix gives you access to are broad, which is made more frustrating by the knowledge that Netflix splits movies and TV shows into incredibly specific micro-categories.<p>Luckily, it's pretty easy …

Los Angeles

21 Details From Marvel Movies That’ll Make You Say, “How Did I Not Notice That?”

Captain America's shield in Iron Man is just the start...

Marvel Universe

12 Speedy Keto Recipes You Can Make on One Sheet Pan


How to Immediately Change Your Life For The Better

Ready for a change? Here's how you can make it happen.<p>There's an old joke where a man says, "I really want to go to medical school, but it takes at least seven years--and I'll be 50 in seven years!" A wise friend replies, "And how old will you <b>be in seven years if you don't go?"</b><p>If you're not where …


6 scientific ways to improve your memory

If you met me in real life, you'd know that I have an <i>awful</i> short-term memory. Since I practically never know where I've stashed important items (I swear my keys have invisible legs) and am constantly forgetting the names of people I just met, I've taken to keeping a planner on me at all times so I …

The Brain

Curious to Try the Keto Diet? Here's Everything You Can and Cannot Eat

The keto diet has been one of the most talked-about health trends in the past year. The low-carb, high-fat diet induces a state of ketosis in your body, creating ketones that burn fat instead of the glucose converted from carbohydrates. In other words, the keto (short for ketogenic) diet forces …


15 Keto Snacks That Take Care of Comfort Food Cravings

Is it just us, or is the ketogenic diet trending harder than berets and flare pants right now? High in fats, low in carbs, and 100-percent …

Bob Harper Told Us the 1 Thing He Wishes He Could Say to Anyone Trying to Lose Weight

While Bob Harper has been known to deliver some no-BS weight-loss advice, he also wants you to be kind to yourself. When POPSUGAR asked him what one thing he'd say to newbies on a weight-loss journey, this is what he shared:<p>"Cut yourself some slack!" he said. "That's the main mantra: cut yourself …


30 Little Things That Mean a Lot to Kids

While these gestures may seem trivial to adults, they go a long way with your little ones. Here are a few easy tricks to make your child smile.<p>Wear that macaroni necklace to work. Well, at least until you're safely out the door.<br>• Tape a family mantra or slogan (Unstoppable! We can, we will! We've got …

18 Hard Things to Do If You Want to Be a Successful Leader

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated about what they do.<p>Nobody ever said that being a leader would be easy. If you've taken more than a couple of steps down the path, you know that leadership comes with challenges and complications at every …


Want to Raise Mentally Strong Kids? Do These 3 Things (Most Parents Don't Do Any of Them)

All kids have the ability to develop mental muscle. We just need to teach them how.<p>Challenges, hardship, and setbacks are inevitable. Teaching kids to build mental muscle helps them become resilient. It's also the key to helping them reach their greatest potential in life.<p>But, it's easy to get so …


20 Streaming Services That Aren’t Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime

From art-house movies to British TV to anime and Bollywood, here is a sampling of the expansive world of (legal) online streaming.<p>It's been 10 years since Netflix first opened our eyes to the world of streaming movies and TV shows directly to our computers. A year later, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video …

The Best Horror Films of 2017 (So Far)

<i>This list has been updated to include October releases.</i><p>The conversation around horror movies this year has been dominated by two words: <i>Get Out</i>. …


Spot the Flaw in a Politician's Argument With This Guide to Logical Fallacies

Humans are biased. We remember things that confirm our beliefs more than things that don’t. And every day, we’re presented with new information and …

Never Too Late To Start Reading! 16 Books To Choose From If You’re A Beginner

Reading is that one activity that helps you escape reality and immerse yourself into another universe. The books we read help us understand the world …

8 Things Successful People Do Every Day That Most People Ignore

Success is powered by the habits that most people don't even notice.<p>During the four-year process of starting and scaling SkyBell, I have had the pleasure of meeting some remarkably successful people. Whether it's a potential investor or the CEO of a company with which we could become partners, I'm …


Want to Raise Successful Kids? Tony Robbins Says Do This 1 Simple Thing

Drawing on the work of a Stanford psychologist, he says changing the way you talk to them can shape their lives for the better.<p>Parents want their kids to be successful. So when I saw that Tony Robbins was giving child-raising advice, I paid attention.<p>Robbins is one of the most successful …


7 Things You Should Always Be Able to Say About Yourself

Don't try to be perfect, just try to be better than you were yesterday.<p>There are elements within ourselves that can either sabotage our success or lead us to greatness. In my new upcoming book, <b>The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness,</b> I speak about seven characteristics that can …


10 Verbal Skills of the Most Likable People

Being likable requires more than just knowing what to say.<p>Remarkable entrepreneurs and leaders know that emotional intelligence and being a likable person contribute immensely to their success. It's no surprise when you consider that hiring key employees, managing teams, and landing big deals all …


Samsung Introduces Siri Rival 'Bixby' Ahead of Galaxy S8

Samsung today officially announced Bixby, a new intelligent interface for its devices, starting with the upcoming Galaxy S8.<p>Samsung said Bixby will be "fundamentally different" than virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana in that it will be deeply integrated within apps. The interface will be able …

8 Ways to Cure Your Procrastination Habit

With the pace of business change today, you can't afford to deliver late on key commitments. Find out how to not be your own worst enemy.<p>If you are a chronic procrastinator, or your work partner is one, there is never enough advance notice to get things done without a crisis.<p>You can't get things …


Barack Obama and Joe Biden Were the Internet’s Favorite Politicians

We're going to miss them so damn much.<p>The internet loves the Obama family. Malia’s IDGAF attitude when she was seen possibly smoking pot at a music …

Joe Biden

35 Gifts For Anyone Who Likes "Harry Potter" More Than People

What did the credit card say after seeing these products? Swish and flick.

Harry Potter